Any of you blueberry growers checked buds?

scottokla(7)December 8, 2011

I looked at some of mine earlier today and the buds indicate next year will be a small crop.

The only variety of my oldest plant that has yet to falter is Berkeley, which started out as my least favorite and is now at the top of my list. Duke is still hanging on, and about half of my Blueray and Bluecrops are still going to produce some.

Last year was as tough weather-wise as I can imagine ever having it for blueberries here.

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I'll try to check tomorrow, Scott. I took very good care of my Blueberries, though, throughout the drought, making sure they were well watered. We'll see.....


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Scott or Susan, I'm a first year grower,who, lost 3 out of 6 plants to the heat. What exactly am I looking for? How do you tell a leaf bud from a fruiting bud?

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The fruiting buds are roundish and fat. The leaf buds are small and pointed.

On mature plants it is possible to have the top 4 or 5 buds be fruiting buds, whereas some young plants or plants in poor health might have no fruiting buds on the shoots.

I had a really hard time keeping my roots wet this year on the ones planted above-grade.

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