For fun: Waimea 1, Camera 0

SFLGPlumeJuly 18, 2012

Hi everyone,

Some of you may have read on a recent thread that I'm very proud of my Sony point-n-shoot Cyber-shot camera. Jandey agreed in that post that, for the money, Sony point-n-shoots take the best, truest photos.

Well, then the first bloom of Waimea's next round opened...LOL and now I know that my great little camera does have limits. This bloom's pigments were so saturated that the underside stripe looked almost black. On the topside, the orange center was non-existent--instead, the entire bloom was technocolor magenta. The tidal wave of color was too much for my camera, and it utterly failed at capturing what this bloom truly looked like:

That red splotch in the upper-left quadrant...yah...that's the flower. HA!

Here's a close-up of the bloom, the taking of which obviously sent my camera into a tizzy:

Not even CLOSE! Hehe

I guess if I ever want to capture color like that with accuracy, I'll have to invest in something fancier.

Thankfully, most blooms aren't ever going to be that intensely colored, so for now, I still love my Cyber-shot :-) It did capture the white veins on the underside of Waimea quite beautifully:

Here are a few more one-bloom shots (wish they were full-on inflos, sorry!):

Kaheohe Sunburst! Yah mon!

Here's Thumbalina exhibiting its little thumbs and a lovely pink haze...but still no stripes of color as shown in JJ's photos...maybe next year:

Wish it were more :-) but enjoy!


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No-Clue(So Cal Zone 9)

Oh Greg Waimea is just breathless! I LOVE the color saturation! It's so beautiful I can't stand it! Kaneohe Sunburst and Thumbalina are beautiful too!

I have all 3 but only Thumbalina bloomed this year. The inflo on my Waimea fell off during shipping. And my Kaneohe Sunburst is still too young of a plant and doesn't look like she will bloom for me this year. Well at least I know what to expect... and hopefully they will bloom next year.

Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos! I love looking at them all.

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Dave in NoVA • 7a • Northern VA

OK, now I have to get:

1) Waimea
2) A new camera

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Still a beauty. Harsh sunlight can play havoc with the digital imaging sensors so you can always wait until a cloud gives you some shade and the processor will be able to handle it without the glare distorting the natural colors. It can happen to an extent in larger SLRs too. So its more about light conditions versus equipment.

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stormys_mom(Md 7a)

They are beautiful no matter what!! I agree about the lighting. I have problems with colors in the sunlight. Your blooms are gorgeous keep up the good work! Just a question are you close to the intercoastal waterway? I spend vacations in Ft Lauderdale in a home on the waterway, its beautiful there.


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Very nice!

Practice makes perfect so get out there and take some more pics!

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Waimea to me is so special, and was my first plumeria from Oahu Hawaii I purchased from a Lei Stand.
The sweet lady told me "Dis one is so Ono" and I took her word for it! Two years later I had my first blooms and has bloomed every year since.
I find taking photos of it best after a rain and in the early evening around sunset.
I can't say enough about the amazing scent, but to me it smells like rootbeer candies or clove and spicy sweet!
Ono in Hawaiian means "Oh so Good".
Like Aztec Gold, Waimea gets very big! Grows long and with heavy leaves. Waimea grows a tremendous amount of roots too, so your yellow planter it won't last long in.
Take lots of pictures, and use different settings, pick different times of the day and you'll find that perfect Waimea photo to share!
Aloha, Stuart

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RollinFrogg(8b west TX)

I'm not very familiar with the Sony cameras but I am guessing it may have what they call a manual mode. When in that mode you can play around with the white balance and exposure to get a picture that is more real to life. It can be a bit confusing and a lot of learning but if you are that excited about the camera you just may be up for it. Also as kms2 said a lot of it has to do with lighting and all the tweaking in the world can not make up for harsh afternoon light, try some pitures early morning or evening. And for the close ups see if your camera has a macro mode, that is fun to play with. Hope my suggestions can help you love your camera even more.

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Well gee, Greg, you can't blame the Cybershot for being dazzled by that beauty. I mean we all turn into babbling idiots around Waimea, lol. Still, as Moonie says, practice makes perfect!

The Sony did do a nice job in that second photo of capturing the veining and satiny look of the petals.

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Well I'd like to think its win-win. You have a Cybershot and a Waimea. :)

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Hey all,

Thanks for the comments, sorry to be so tardy in responding...I have a big event coming up in my life (professional, not personal) that at the moment is "taking all the time I got."

Yes, I still haven't learned everything about my camera that there is to know. It does have a macro mode for flower close-ups, which I use. I have also noticed that bright sun wreaks havoc with the camera's ability to process color like Waimea is exhibiting. Usually, though, it handles it, no matter what the light level. This was just color overload...which is fun, and was the point of my whole post :-)


Jackie, yes, I live in South Broward, not directly on the Intracoastal, but from my boat dock you can be out in the Intracoastal in 5-10 minutes. It's a great location!

Dave, can't recommend both highly enough!

Stuart, Waimea's gonna have to learn to be happy in that planter. Guess that means annual root prunings...

Thanks for the kind words, all! Thumbalina, I believe, is on the decline for this season, but Waimea and Kaneohe Sunburst are just gearing up, so I'll post some more photos soon!


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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hey Greg,

First of all..

GOOD LUCK... in your endevors. I only wish you the best!!! on to Plumies...

LOVE the pics!!!

Cant wait for more pics of Waimea ... Please post more pics !!! Off course, all others too!!!

When are you going to put chairs out by those containers so we can all join you for a "cool" one? : )

Love the deck/dock and especailly those containers. Just beautiful!!!

Hope you and your eye roller are all doing well..LOL.... Good Luck!!!


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