How big of a pot for Bhuts?

mbellotJune 7, 2011

Greetings all, long time lurker but this is my first post.

I started some Bhut Jolokia plants back in mid-March and they seem to be coming along fairly well. Pictures at the end of the post (I hope).

I want to keep them in pots for several reasons, including trying to over-winter them, but at the same time I don't want to stunt them.

I have them in decent sized pots now (2 or 3 gallon, not sure since they are recycled from shrubbery) but I'm not convinced they will be big enough to last all season. For reference, the plants are ~ 10-11 inches tall (measured from the dirt).

Should I move up to 5 gallon buckets? If so, when? They are all producing flowers right now, but none have set any fruit yet.

I have one pot that's even bigger (22" diameter, don't know the gallons) that isn't being used but I'm not sure I want to go quite that large.

Also, just for fun I had a co-worker start some seeds at the same time (well, a week later because his wife claimed the alignment of the planets was better for planting crops - seriously).

He brought some back in to the office about a week ago and I nearly cried... Only one week younger than mine and they are barely seedlings still. They are in the second picture.

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nice looking plants! my Bhut is having a hard time! ie is a little taller than the ones in the second picture, but has not grown in the month that i have owned it.

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a


You can grow peppers in 2-3 gallons, but you won't have as large a harvest.
Something you can do is allow the roots to grow out of the container and into the ground.
But if you want to move the containers around, this obviously isn't an option.
I'd recommend the 5-gallon for this season. Next year, maybe larger.


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I second Josh. 5 or 7 gallon pot. Easier to keep hydrated.

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Basic rule of thumb is that the plant is/should be as big under the ground as it is above the ground. I've seen pictures of bhuts that got up to 5' tall and nearly as wide, so the bigger the pot the better.

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Josh - Thanks!

I found a label on one of the buckets (got a bunch) that says it's 3.7 gallons. Put next to an orange HD 5 gallon bucket I'd say it's pretty accurate.

The 3.7 bucket is wider and shallower. We've been in the 90's here, so they are taking water every 2-3 days.

Edymnion - I've seen huge Bhuts in containers much smaller than the above ground portion. The guy in the link below has got some strong mojo working, especially since he's less than 50 miles from where I live. Almost 400 peppers on his smallest plant. Just wow.

Here is a link that might be useful: Monster Bhuts

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