Request for help for the PSA - Need Photos

joanr(8bTX)July 15, 2012

I saw Ivysmom's message about not being able to find a list and photos of name varieties of plumerias and I totally agree with her. I am a member of the PSA society in Houston and this is one of the things that has been discussed. So, at the recent meetings a request went out for volunteers to help with getting this information on the website. We just had a training session on how to do this so I am just starting and really need help getting this done.

So for you people out there that take those amazing pictures of your plumerias, would you please, please send me copies that we could use for the website. We will give you credit for your photo. Also, if you can tell me where you live, ie. south Florida, north California, south Texas that would be great. This way we can show people how the plant blooms under different conditions - high heat and humidity, cooler temps, etc. I, however, cannot guarantee that someone would not use your photo if we put it up on the website as they did with James but we would definitely state that it is your photo.

Also, if you want to share the growing habits, we could also list that information and the smell would be great too. I have already done some research and have some info as regards to smell but it doesn't hurt to have it confirmed.

So people, this is a chance for you to help us make the PSA society a great resource for all of us but I really need help to get my part done.

You can email me with your photos and/or suggestions but remember, we may not be able to use all the photos received but will do our best.

Thanks in advance for everyones help.


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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hi Joan,

Sounds like a great project!!!

If you want some of ny pics, i will gladly share them with the PSA. I need to become a member anyway!! : )

I think i will go now and sign up...

Working now.. I will work on it for you!!
Take care,


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Thank you so, so much. I know you have posted so many beautiful pictures and I hope we can use some of those. You are awesome for volunteering and I will make sure you are given credit for whatever we use!!!


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James & Bill,

I hope you will consider letting us use some of your pictures. You have such beauties and maybe if your pictures are on the PSA website, maybe people will think twice before borrowing your pictures to sell their plants!!!

But if not, don't worry we will just contiue to enjoy them on this forum. I personally love seeing pictures of your plumerias.


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Joan, I am in.

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TruNorth7(8b (SF Bay Area))

Sounds like a wonderful resource and quite the project! Will it only include registered cultivars? I have some wonderful pictures of Thumbalina from JJ... but I don't think she's registered :(


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Joan, do you need photos only of registered varieties, or any named cultivars? For instance, lots of us have good photos and experience with Penang Peach but it isn't registered.

I have very few photos and info but am willing to provide what I have.

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LOL, I am only woring with the "un-registered" plumerias so I will have a blast finding good pictures of all the plumerias out there. I believe they number in the thousands so this could be a life long project! It will definitely be a challenge but I know the people on this forum have some great photos if I can talk them into sharing. So if you have a photo you would like to share, just send me an email with your picture and the name of the plumeria.

Thanks again,

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I sent you some email with a link to my photos.
Take a peek and see if you like?


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Just to clarify: you only then need photos of UNregistered cultivars? I too don't have lots of photos but will be happy to help contribute to this cool project.


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I sent you an email to the address in your profile :)

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May I also recommend that we include any historical data which could help place the picture in context if available.

i.e. when/where you bought it (such as PSA Sale in 2012), location and time of year/weather conditions of the photo ( such as "July in Texas" and "95 degrees, high humidity).

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