What are the new plans for 2009?

mrtoad(7b NC)January 31, 2009

three things are "in the works!" 1. i plan to physically finish the potager which includes adding a gas light and paving brick 2. begin the process of adding a drip system 3. move more to an exclusive use of french seeds

What are your "new plans and ideas" as we wait for spring?"

mr toad

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granite(z6 NC)

My husband and son fenced the backyard last fall to allow the dogs room to roam. This spring I will need to devise a fence around my garden or the dogs will cause problems there. As usual, I'll have my spring chores of adding compost, re-mulching the walkways, resetting any boards that heaved up in the winter, etc.

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Wow mr toad..pretty ambitious. We just put in a potager mid season last year after our raised beds were raided by a woodchuck. I'll be happy to get a couple of rain barrels in this year and then the hope is to connect drip irrigation to that.

The garden is 16by18 and is fenced in. I still need to add post toppers (bought finials that I plan do paint) but that's more of a decorative thing to finish off the look. I'd also love to put something in the middle and was thinking of a obelisk that holds plants in tiers. Anyone have one of those?

It's early for seeds here..but I plan to start leeks soon. Also got some wall o waters...so I'll be starting tomato seeds a little earlier than normal.

Curious to see what others are doing as this will be our first full potager season.

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If you cut and paste this link you will be able to see pics of my 3 yr old Potager. We chose a purple martin house for the center of the garden. The final addition this spring will be an arbor at the entrance. I can't wait for spring!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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luvbocelli-LOVE the birdhouse! What a clever idea. You have a lovely potager. Do you find you get a lot of birds? For some reason we've noticed we don't get many..even with feeders out. And we are in the country here. Weird right? We do have a lot of Hawks and foxes

I too want an arbor. We have a front and rear entrance...so it would be 2. Don't think we'll do it this year. Are you building yourself or buying?

With all the snow int he Northeast..I can't wait for spring either!!!

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natal(Louisiana 8b)

Later today we start pulling out the old landscape timbers and 2x4s. Dh built the garden to last back in '86, so I have a feeling it won't be an easy task, lol.

My old garden was fairly small. The new design will have about the same planting area as the old, but will include wider paths. Beds will be formed with bricks and I hope to put a short decorative fence around the perimeter. (I'm lusting after the one in the link.) Also have an arbor for the entrance.

Most of my tomato seeds have germinated and have been moved to the cold frame.

Here is a link that might be useful: short metal fence

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Thank you. Yes we get a lot of birds, they are so much fun to watch. Hopefully my husband will be building the arbor himself. I am researching the style right now.

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