Crop Cover for caterpillars

LindsayMarieJanuary 18, 2013

First off, I want to thank the community here for offering their knowledge and experience. We put in an extensive potager last year, and I relied heavily on the information in these forums in my planning. So inspiring!

I have always hesitated to post because I know I don't have the time to participate regularly, and I respect that fora such as these rely on community. I don't like to take advantage by asking and leaving!

But I am having some trouble deciding what to do about the caterpillars that infiltrated my brassicas last year! So GROSS, and if I didn't already have seed leftover, I'm not sure I would think it worth it to try again. But try again I am!

I have seen the powders you can use that are technically safe, but while I'm pretty sure it was cabbage whites who were the source of ickiness and destruction, we loved the host of others butterflies in our garden last year, and I hate to take them out, too.

So I was thinking about using a cover like Remay or Enviromesh. But darn it, it just seems like it would not be pretty. And part of the whole point of the potager was to have the pretty, lol!

Has anyone found a solution for the caterpillars that is both aesthetic and friendly to the desirable butterflies?

Thank you so much!

I have included a link to my humble blog where I have some pictures of my potager and our family's work there. It is a bit jumbled as I don't seem to find much time for blogging, but seeing my beds in action might spur some ideas.

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Ive done some of the same reading and have decided to continue using BT on my cabbage and brassicas. I buy a liquid form that is diluted and sprayed. I dont spray the whole garden, just the possible problem plants with a plant mister type bottle.

Yes, I know it could kill butterflies that decide to nest on those plants, but it does such a good job of taking care of cabbage lopers that I can live with it. I have many flowering plants that are supposed to attract butterflies, and hope that that will lure them away from the cabbage and Brussels Sprouts.

If you want to begin a discussion on this question, you might want to post on the organic gardening forum - it is much more active.

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Thank you so much, Mandolis. That does sound like a solution I may need to live with. Maybe I will have a chance to check over in the other forum this week. Thanks!

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