Red worms

macmexDecember 3, 2011

My red worms cooked last summer. None survived even though they were inside a shed and away from sunlight. Would anyone here have a handful to spare so I can get started again?


Tahlequah, OK

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joellenh(6b Jenks)

George, I *think* my red worms are still doing great despite lots of neglect (but I do keep them inside). I can surely spare a you want to pick them up (not sure how far Tahlequah is from Jenks) or if you can tell me the best way to mail them.

I don't get on this forum much in the winter, so if you want to you can message me through the boards!


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George, have you thought about checking out a bait shop? They often have live worms. Great big things although I'm not familiar enough with worm species to know exactly what they are. There's a bait shop in Stilwell where my daughter buys worms to fish.

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Yes, Dorothy. I actually bought some, at Walmart, some months back. They were night crawlers, which is very different from red worms. BTW, I returned them for a refund, as they were mostly dead and dying too.


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