Weather update in the Banana Belt

elkwc(6b)December 19, 2011

The Banana's aren't real happy right now. So far knock on wood haven't received the snow amounts predicted. The wind has kicked up the last few hours. When I came inside around 5 we had 2-3 inches of accumulation. We received .50 inch of rain before it turned to snow. They had predicted 31 for a high today and we were 40 this morning and close to noon before it changed to snow. The main part of the storm has moved NE. All that is left is the wrap around effect. From looking at satellite and radar images I feel it will be over sooner than predicted. That might be wishful thinking also. With the high winds we don't need the 8-16 inches some predicted before it hit. I may clear a few plants out of the lean to tomorrow and set up a table to start preparing trays on. The lights went off the first time I started to write this. As long as they stay on will try to finish scanning catalogs and writing down what I need to order and also finish planting lists. Jay

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Today's weather report said 24" for New Mexico and 12" for the OK panhandle. So it's likely that you have a substantial amount as well. Be careful and keep us posted.

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I'm fine. Yes we received at least 10" here. Have a lot of 2-3 ft. drifts and a few deeper. The wind blew hard and the direction must of been different. Some areas that usually have some of my deepest drifts didn't drift bad at all. But then other areas were deeper than usual. A chance of more tomorrow. They are saying less than an inch and we don't need any. Was supposed to be 7 this morning but 14 now. They said mid 20's yesterday for a high but we hit 33 officially. I've complained about being in the doughnut hole. This time were were in a narrow strip that received the 10-12 inches.Not are south and north of us they received 6-8 inches. A narrow band of snow moved through headed NW towards the western panhandle and NM and covered us up. I spent part of the morning coaxing my old tractor with the bucket to start. Then moved snow for over 3 hours. Have several more hours of work left. It is 4 years younger than myself and a little stubborn when cold. LOL. I purchased it at an auction because it was cheap and until I bought a more recent one. Still have it and once running will do a lot of work. Also pulled the neighbor out and made a pathway for them to get out. So stayed busy till dark. Was tired last night. Hoping to get some more snow moved today. It was fairly wet. With the rain before hand and then the amount of snow there is standing water and mud underneath which makes it a little harder to move. I have to just bucket a lot of it out. I do have a new Kubota w/o a loader that I use in my garden and have a rear blade for it. It will start anytime and has power steering. But doesn't get around near as well as the old tractor as it is a lot heavier and also has around 800# in each wheel well. So after herding the old tractor around all afternoon my hands are stiff and sore this morning. Jay

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