Pepper disease ID help needed

joe081484(6)June 28, 2012

I think the issue started with 3 bell pepper plants which I've pulled those already but I'm seeing this spread to leaves on almost all pepper plants in the pepper bed. About 30-35 in total.

Starts with small spots on the plants getting larger and eventually they seem to yellow and fall off.

I'm thinking it's bacterial leaf spot but I could be wrong. I linked a photo below and can get some more later if this one isn't clear.

If it is bacterial leaf spot I guess I'll treat with copper fungicide and hope for the best.

Thanks for any replies

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Have you noticed any insects on the plants? Real tiny ones usually under the leaves? Aphids are known to cause a black discoloration on the leaves because of the secretion residue. For the leaves to be affected this bad it would have to have gone untreated for awhile.

Other that that it could be what you are thinking is the cause. I just thought BLS was more of a brown and yellowing spots on the leaves and causes depressions on the leaves.

Do you have any pics of the whole plant not just the one leaf?

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you are right it is a leaf spot.

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I'm usually pretty good on watching for bugs, had some issues with my tomatoes but hand knocking off the bugs squashed any real damage, havent noticed anything other then some bettles at night on the peppers. I'll snap a shot of the whole plant later today. I did pick up the copper and a small sprayer and will try and hit the plants every 7 days and see how they do.

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