Rabbit Manure and Hot Peppers....

skycladJune 1, 2011

I'm wondering what you guys think about Rabbit manure and it's nutritional value, and how this works with the nutritional needs of hot pepper plants. I've used RabbitPoo before with other garden plants and the results were incredible! Monster garden!! Just curious if any of you have used it to fertilize pepper plants and what the outcome was..

Thanks in advance for all responses!

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I hope it works well with peppers. I put down hundreds of pounds of it in my garden late last fall. So far so good. Just be sure you don't use lime this year - any place you put down the rabbit manure. They will basically cancel one another out and foul up your pH.

Jim G

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"They will basically cancel one another out and foul up your pH."
what the heck does this mean?

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Hey Rockguy,

When Lime and Manure make contact in the soil, their chemical compounds breakdown and the result is Amonia. It takes lime about three months to breakdown and become useful and even longer for manure - depending on its age. If you were to add lime while manure is present, you do bad things to the soil.

Some old timers suggest that lime and manure should not be added in the same year; the same twelve month period. But, if you spread lime in the fall, and well aged manure in say, February, you would probably be okay. Me, I will add lime one year and manure the next. Lime in late fall and manure in January or February. But -- I would have the soil tested first and not add the lime if it wasn't needed.

I am no expert. Just going on what I have read and heard.

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I put a good layer of rabbit dung on my garden last fall and I have three happy Bhuts in there now. I did not add any lime though.

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Good for you. I put a %$#@ load of horse and rabbit manure on my garden in January. I have tilled it in three times since then. I just hope the rain hasn't washed away all the benefits I was hoping to acquire from the expense and labor.

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