Pot question for cuttings!

theloyalplum(9)July 9, 2014

Hello forum! Long time no see! ^^

Anyways. I have a couple simple questions. I rooted my 2 cuttings in a 1 gallon pot during the winter and I'm letting them grow in the pots for the spring/summer but, alas, the dormant season approaches. So, should my plants remain in their pots for another year or so? If not, when is the ideal time to repot them into a 2 gallon (3 gallon?) pot? My mind is telling me that all repotting should be done after it goes into dormancy and right before or as it is coming out for the new growth season.

Many thanks ahead of time! -shoots off to school-


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mksmth zone 6b Tulsa Oklahoma(6b)

I repot all my plants no matter what kind when they need it. Depending on what time of year that is determines how I take care of it from there. If a plant needs to be re-potted in late summer I dont see the benefit to the plant to wait until spring. Thats just my opinion and so far it works for me. If I do re-pot in the summer I will generally not tease the roots as much and will give it a bit more shade for a few weeks and more water.

Also for plants that go dormant like our plumeria I see no benefit to re-potting after they have gone dormant. Well, other than the fact that I have less to do in the winter so that helps free up time in spring.


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Andrew Scott

Hi Spencer. Congrats on rooting your two cuttings! For me myself, I don't usually repot until I know that the cutting has filled the pot with nice, healthy roots. I won't necessarily wait until I can see roots coming out the drainage holes, but if I notice that my cuttings are needing to be watered more often than normal, then I know it is time to repot. Another situation for me is if I notice that the cutting is blowing/falling over, it needs to be repotted.

I also agree with Mike. I moved some of my plumeria under my HPS, to keep them growing over the winter, and if they need repotting because they are still growing, I will repot them.


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