Best pickling peppers?

tastytravels(8)June 6, 2010

I wanted to pickle my own peppers this season. What are your favorite peppers? Ideally, I'd like a mix of 2 or 3 different ones. I like sweet peppers, pepperoncinis and peppers with a little heat (not too overwhelming). Anyone have suggestions?

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Jalapenos, cerranos, habaneros, hungarian hots all pickle great.

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I do about 6 cases of Italian wax peppers every year some of them can get nippy too. similar to Brunos

I also make pickles well last year was the first time since I was a kid but I threw a habanero in with them and they were great

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I agree with nitis, I always throw in hot peppers with my pickles. I also pickle green beans and dilly green tomatoes - excellent with hot peppers. Cherry hot peppers and various colored cayennes spice up the pickling brine and also look decorative in the jars.

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In addition to the ones that Simsedward mentioned, I would add cherry peppers. They have fairly thick flesh.
John A

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Thanks for all the suggestions. I'll see what I can find in the way of plants and be sure to find seeds for next year. This year I only planted marconi reds (sweet) and shishito peppers. I'm going to try to pickle the shishitos but wanted different pickling type peppers. Thanks!

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maybe im the wrong person to ask, im Vet when it comes to eating hot peppers, but "AJI YELLOW" IS A WONDERFUL PEPPER FOR PICKLING!! the seeds are very easy to get online, i have a few extra, it has a citrus note to it and is not very hot as some hot peppers go

"Hungarian wax" peppers depending on the species are good also

hope this helps

thanks your friend AJIJOE

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nitis posted that they had pickled 6 cases of italian wax peppers. Would this be the italian wax from northern california? If so, where do you get your seed from? My husband is from that area, we live in NM, and would love to grow and pickle our own peppers. Thank you

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Hot Hungarian Wax. I am going to do a bunch of Sweet Banana Peppers this year too.


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My favorites for pickling

Pepperoncini (picked before turning red)
Hot Cherry (red but not over ripened)
Serrano (picked before turning red)

yep i like my pickled peppers to maintain a nice crunch to em.


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New to the website but came acrossed this place looking for Italian wax pepper recipes aka Sierra Nevada chileno recipes. Saw that Jeanneg was looking for seeds for these peppers and noticed no one ever responded, sorry if this is way late but just an fyi you can get Italian wax pepper seeds from I'm lucky enough that my local nursery in northern nevada sells these peppers as starters already. Thought that might help and let me know if you have any other questions!

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