windmill growing fast

islandbreezeNovember 19, 2012

This is the same windmill I was going to leave unprotected last winter. Going into its 3rd winter in ground, started off 2 years ago 2 feet tall, now 5ft. I just transplanted it about a month ago because it was overgrowing the front door. Just an FYI...this is a Monrovia-grown palm.

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Nice looking trachy. Your decision to protect it last year may give it a heads up after such a late transplant. I would give it extra care this winter. I have planted palms this late before but never transplanted one. Hope it does ok through the winter and continues to grow well for you.

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Thanks Chadec. I will definitely be wrapping it up this winter. You can see it's kinda wind beaten, partially because of the weather we got with Hurricane Sandy, and partially because the new location is exposed to west winds. But the good thing about the new location is it will get virtually all-day full sun, so growth should really explode.

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