Evergreen entrance

happyintexas(z7 TX)February 7, 2006

We have plans to erect a metal arch at the entrance to our potager (I call it the keukenhoff--Dutch for kitchen garden. My son calls it the 'Garden of Eatin'.) I'd like to put some small upright evergreens flanking the arch. I love rosemary, but don't know if I can keep it at the proper size. All of the ones I have sprawl big time. Something herby, fragrant, evergreen, upright, and culinary would be lovely. (That's not too much to ask of a plant, is it?)

Any thoughts or pics?


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As long as you're growing an upright selection like Arp or Old Salem you should be able to keep it within bounds with some judicious pruning. You could even get creative and use it as topiary.


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girlgroupgirl(8 ATL)

What about bay laurel? It is hardy here. I had some, I just kept it pruned to height as it would grow to a tall tree if it really wanted to.

Check out the rosemary listings on the Thyme Garden website. It's an herb nursery in Oregon and they list several "upright" rosemary. They have arp, and others as Harper suggests. Those would also be nice choices for topiary. It would look just gorgeous!


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dayleann(z4 VT)

The potted rosemary I have is an upright, and easy to keep within bounds. I've kept it at about 18", but this year will be putting it into a larger pot, so I will let it get larger. I've keep it shaped to a cone so it gets light evenly inside in the winter.

In Portland, OR, where I used to live, rosemary was often as a landscape shrub, especially at entrances. They respond extremely well to pruning to all kinds of shapes. I miss having outdoor rosemary-- it was so neat to pinch a bit and smell when I passed! I think a pair either side of the entrance to a potager would be lovely.

Dayle Ann

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