Snow in November in Atlanta Metro!!!

butiaman(8a Douglasville,GA.)November 28, 2011

I thought I would post this because I cant believe it.We are expecting 2" of snow from midnight tonight till 9am tomorrow.I know that's nothing to people on here that live up north.I've lived here 43yrs and it has never even snowed before christmas,till last winter.We had a light dusting of snow 2 days before christmas,it was all melted by noon the next day.I thought we were in a global warming phase?At least I got my palms covered,just in time.I was out in the dark still covering all of them till 8pm.I dont know what to think about the last two winters here.It seems like were in a global cooling phase if you ask me.Accuweather is showing lows Wed.night of 25f and 27f Thu.night.With highs only in the low 50's for both days.What's funny is that it was 70f just two days ago.What's up???


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We hit 72 up here in NYC today, a record high. Had the A/C pumping all day and another warm one here tomorrow. You can keep the snow down your way

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Of course I chose this week to be traveling through the south. It's been 20 degrees colder in Texas and Louisiana than back home in Delaware.

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butiaman(8a Douglasville,GA.)

Hey Guys,
If it does snow,it will be the earliest that it has ever snowed in the Atlanta area ever.The weather man on one of the local news channel said it will go on record for the earliest snowfall in the Atlanta metro.If your driving through Atlanta be careful,people here cant drive in snow or freezing rain,LOL.

I meet people all the time that tell me I thought it was warm down here.People move here from different places up north,and find out real quick that it does get cold here.They will find out just how cold it does get Wed.and Thu night.I tell people if you dont like the weather,just wait a few days and it will change.This time of year it can be 70f today and 40f tomorrow.That's the problem with growing palms here.You cant build a major structure around your palms because you will have to more than likely take it back apart in a few days.Once you do that 5 or 6 times,you come up with easier protection methods.

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Wow, all you in the South beat us to the SNOW thing before us here up in Michigan. Detroit area has not seen an official snow fall here; however, it is usually early December when we see the rain/snow mix variety most years, so not too unusual.

I still haven't raked all of my leaves. My Bradford Pears, willows, and some Oaks and Maples still have some/or most of their leaves. Yikes!

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Join the club! We had an early snow here in NYC too as Im sure you know. That was a huge shock. Snow in November is rare here and snow before Halloween is something that has only happened 3 times and the record amount of snow for October was less than an inch until we got 2 inches this past year.

Yesterday was beautiful here. 73F in my yard. When I got into my car yesterday, it was actually hot. I had to open up the windows. And I definitely needed some AC in the house too because it was 78F in my house with all the heat off! Today is nice too, in the mid 60s. This week goes down to the 50s, and one day goes to the low 40s. So December weather will be here soon, but at least there is still plenty of bareable weather left.

Good luck with the snow. Hopefully you dont get any. I always though of the south as a warm place, it seems like the cold bursts lately have been brutal there.

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butiaman(8a Douglasville,GA.)

Well we dodged a bullet.It did snow in extreme north GA.It has been misting all day.I'm glad I did cover my palms with frost cloths,there good and dry.What ever moister is still around will freeze tonight.It's going to be full sun tomorrow and a high of 52f.I hope it is enough to dry up all the standing water.Tomorrow's low now is going to be 27f and 29f Thu.and 31f Fri.If I wouldent have covered them,they would have gotten wet then hit with freezing temps.for 3 nights.I guess it wasent a waste of my time covering all my palms after all,they could have had water in the buds then froze,Yikes!!!

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Butia, your low temps are colder than any we have experienced so far! We have had light frosts in the the low 30's but nothing colder. Yes, we had our surprise snowstorm too--around Halloween and we still have the damage from that one all over. Curbs are still piled high with tree damage (branches, trunks, etc.). Heavy snow fell on still green trees. Big damage on Northern (deciduous) Magnolias and Maples--my Southern Magnolias went through it with virtually no damage--go figure! November was warm though and many of my containerized palms and cycads are still outside,

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I have talked to many of people who either growed up in Atlanta or have jest livd there and they say it is one of the coldist places they've ever livd in the south. But the cold temps in the last decede in the south have been colder then norm..

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