manambe palm cold hardy ?

topher2006November 29, 2006

Hey everyone new to palm growing but will grow every species in a pot if i have to ! Anyways are dypsis decipiens cold hardy ? some say yes..some say no. It has been through 4 frosts and a couple of 20 degree nights and it hasn't hurt it at all.. Seems to be a very strong 2 gallon plant or am i wrong ?

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Yeah it is pretty cold hardy, but 20 is about as low as it can go until it's a very mature tree when it might cope with 18. I wouldn't risk mine down to 20 though, I love these ones way too much!

Rot from rain is the most common way this one dies - they don't like constantly moist soil at the base of the trunk so keep an eye out for that.

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Thanks a lot ! It is i the ground and i was wondering if i need to cover it or not Thanks for the info..
Do your grow fast ? mine sure is..

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Nope, mine are growing slow! They're only 3 years old and all in pots, but hopefully they'll pick up next year. I can't put them in the ground though as I'll be moving house in a few years and there's no way I'm leaving these behind, they're my favourite palm by far.

You got any advice? Doing anything special to make them grow so quick? (apart from the fact they're in the ground!)

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These realy are nice I love mine also..
The only thing i have done diffrient is i use tropigrow. about once a week in the hot months it is available on e-bay.
I highly recommend this to anyone ! p.s mine are planted in miracle grow works great ! Hope this helps
By the way know anything about majestic palms ?

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You mean majesty palms! Don't really know much, but you can find out here:

or here:

These sites are 2 of my favourite reference points for basic palm info.

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Very worried about mine we had some lower 20 degree weather and their fronds turned brown so i cut them off These are my babies but i think i am going to lose them..
We have ice and snow coming in late tonight i figure that will finish them off !

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