Finally! Roots on Kauka Wilder!

moonie_57July 30, 2012

This is probably my greatest feeling of satisfaction in my short career of growing plumeria!

Katie Moragne and Kauka Wilder were the 3rd and 4th unrooted cuttings that I bought. I have successfully rooted quite a few cuttings so I was worried over these two. :)

I was beginning to think neither KW or KM would root and looked every day, hoping to see those roots in the clear plastic bottles. Nothing. Day after day.

So I decided to just quit looking, and lo and behold, roots on KW! A lot of them! Now if only Katie would do something. 12 weeks seems like 12 months!

I do like flowers but I've got to say that growing cuttings, both rooted ones and unrooted, is a lot of fun.

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mksmth zone 6b Tulsa Oklahoma(6b)

That is so great! Im patiently waiting for my scott pratt and celadine to root. Scott pratt just started pushing leaves so hopefully lots of roots soon. Mine are just passed 6 weeks.
I hope they dont take 12. That will be close to the end of the growing season here


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Scott Pratt being red may take a bit longer? I hope not because it can be agonizing! LOL

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Congrats Moonie! It really is a wonderful feeling of accomplishment! It's entirely true, the minute you start ignoring them they start growing or rooting. LOL!

Mike hang in there, Scott Pratt and Celadine should be good, easy rooters for you. Scott Pratt is one of the easier reds, it's not too finicky like some others. Sometimes larger cuttings root easier too - my Kimi Beauty was incredibly easy to root even though it's red, maybe the variety or because it was a big 3 tip cutting.

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No-Clue(So Cal Zone 9)

Awesome Mona! Congratulations.

Check your mail this week... ;)

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stormys_mom(Md 7a)

Yahoo Mona you go girl!!! Doin the happy dance for ya!! I guess I need to stop the mother hen thing and just ignore mine too. Kw is darker so you did good. Ive been told darker colors are harder to root. I want a siam red and hilo beauty so I am really skeptical. What part of NC are you in? My sisters in Raliegh


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Jackie - I'm closer to the coast, about 2 hours from Raleigh, in Edenton. How far does your sis live from Plants Delight? LOL I have always wanted to go there but haven't yet.

Yep, I'm wanting a really red one, too, and think I might tackle one next spring. It's really hard to decide which red is the prettiest! LOL

NC - I love mail. California is such a looong ways away when one is waiting on the USPS. :)

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stormys_mom(Md 7a)

Mona dont know how far she is from Plants delight, I will ask. Do they have plumies???


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Gosh, stormy... not to burst your bubble or anything but no, they don't have plumies that I know of. But they have lots of other cool things! :)

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia


Congratulations.. It certainly is a wonderful feeling!!!

Enjoy your fine work!! You did a great job!! : )


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Yay, Mona! What a great feeling to root a tough one like Kauka!

After seeing Emily's gorgeous Kimi Beauty cutting from MPG I think you might seriously consider that as your dark red.

Inspired by you, I went out and checked all my bottles this morning and--surprise!--I have visible roots on two, after 6 weeks. The others not so much, but they all at least look like they're alive, except the one that burned so badly it croaked :(

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dpolson37(7a VA)

A note on red ones being hard to root. From my experience this summer, Black Tiger is one red that roots fast. In less than 3 weeks I had lots of visible roots showing. That was the fastest rooting cutting I've ever had.

Big Wave Dave

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isobea(10, San Diego)

Congratulations Mona! I bought a Kauka Wilder cutting in April of last year. Tried to root it in a plastic bottle for 6 weeks, then decided to just plant it in my flowerbed before going on a 3 week vacation. It rooted there no problem and even bloomed later in the summer - amazing! I guess there is something to be said for just ignoring them - 'benign neglet' they call it.
Happy growing,

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Kauka Wilder I bought from florida colors last year bloomed for 1st time. The pics on internet for this flower are more of pink/yellow color. My plant flowers are dark pink and am wondering is this the right one or some other named variety?

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plumie_girl(9b SoCal HD)

It looks just like the one I bought at the SCPS cutting sale w/inflo. I think the color intensity depends on how hot it is where it blooms. I live in the High Desert in SoCal & all of my plants are dark in color. I love KW! He bloomed all summer for me and I only have one more bud to open and I'm so sad. ;0(

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Thanks for your response Jan, I love it's fragrance. You are right about the intensity of the colors with heat. It has been in high 80s for past few days and that could be the reason on it's dark color. My plumeria collection is not much and when anything blooms, it's so exciting..

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kandhi - My KW also came from florida colors.

Still waiting on Katie Moragne to root. I have no reason to believe that she is rotting below the gritty mix. Slow to put out leaves but she is putting them out.

I've lost track of the time, but I believe this is like 5 months now.... 18 or 20 weeks at least.

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