yup! My Donald Angus has root rot!!!

juicygirl(9/10)July 7, 2010

I feel like such a fool. What do I do, now? My Donald Angus has root rot.

I cut it to where it looks clean and healthy, and I'm letting dry. Now what? If your suggesting rootone, can you tell me where I can find it locally, is it at lowes or home depot? How long does it dry

I'm so frustrated, I paid $30 for this cutting! All the other ones are doing spectacular. Kimmi beauty, kauka wilder, and daisy wilcox have all started to grow leaves.

It was in the community pot.

Any one tried to do this? rooting plumeria in water?


Gotta go an cry now! :( Sorry.

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I found rootone at ace hardware store here in town. I'm going to get a bag of perlite while I'm there and start trying to resurrect the little guy back to life.

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tdogdad(Zone 9)

let it dry for five days. Water rooting can be tricky for reds as they are ones I root very dry. What state/city are you in which can change how you approach tooting. Calif zone 9 is not the same as florida zone 9 mostly because of the humidity or lack there of. Bill

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Great tips thank you. I'm in Tampa, Florida. Usually it doesn't rain but this year buckets and buckets of rain are coming down everyday. It's nuts. Still, my kimi and the kauka are doing super great! But they were in other pots, with lots of perlite...
thank you for the adivse

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