Flamethrower Palms

Hazey_MattNovember 19, 2012

Hey, im in the process of redoing our landscaping and i just wanted to know if a Flamethrower Palm can Grown in a large pot? i know they are kind of slow growing but im not sure if they can grow in pots. Also an unrelated question How often do Palms grow Seed Pods?

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most palm species can be grown in pots, for at least a good portion of their younger lives (some indefinitely). Palms make seeds if 1) they are old enough to, 2) they are either monoecious, or dieocious females and have been fertilized and 3) in the right climate, light and healthy enough for that to happen. Some palms produce a fertile inflorescences nearly every month (like some King Palms) and some once in their lives (monocarpic species).

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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

What is the purpose of pot growing?? Mobility, dwarfing or true "Bonsai"? Was always told that palms can't be "bonsai" but they certainly can be dwarfed. though I suspect no less than 50 percent of mature growth. i've tried queens ,bottles several types of areca. They tend to not do well under usual "bonsai "techniques but you certainly can slow the growth process by at least two thirds. have never tried chamberonia but would be an interesting one to attempt. Some palms actually do better in pots IME. gary

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