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moonie_57July 2, 2012

Dang, it sucks not having all the answers! LOL

All of my cuttings and rooted cuttings are now sitting on a table under the umbrella. Until this latest heatwave they had been in full sun with banana plants shielding them in mid-afternoon. It wasn't until people started posting about sunburn did I realize they may be in peril, so I moved them to the shady table.

So now for the questions... should unrooted cuttings be getting sun? If so, how much and how hot of weather can they take? Rooted cuttings... can they be in full sun, all day? Is sunburn the worst worry for rooted cuttings? And when I say "rooted cuttings", I am meaning bare rooted cuttings that were just potted right after purchase.

My established blooming trees are in full sun, all day, sitting on the patio. I did move them the past 3 days just because of the intensity of the heatwave and fear of late night winds from the storms.

I have had to keep moving them, in and out of the greenhouse because of rain and wind. My GH is not in use now and I am afraid it will get too hot in there to leave the cuttings. Would a fan blowing near the cuttings keep it cool enough or would that be too much heat. My husband did put the shade cloth on and the door and window is open. With shade cloth it gets about 105, near the door, a bit cooler.

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No-Clue(So Cal Zone 9)

LOL I'm like you... I have soo many questions and so few answers! Thank goodness for the experts here. At first I just put everyone in the full sun because I thought the more sun the better. But then I read that you shouldn't with the new rooted cuttings. So now I moved mine in the shade. But since our weather has only been in the mid-70s I just can't tell the difference.

Hopefully other experts can provide better answers for you.

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Dave in NoVA • 7a • Northern VA

When I root cuttings in the summer, I put them anywhere they will have some protection from rain and wind. They do not need full sun and you're right, full sun can burn them. In the Mid-Atlantic and Southeast, our air temperatures are warm enough!

So for me, the best locations are under eaves in a Southern, Eastern or Western exposure (part-shade), or under my glass table on the deck. They really do best in my region in dappled sun, with protection from rains. I also put large rocks or styrofoam chunks in the pots to discourage digging by squirrels and to keep the cuttings from moving around. Then try not to disturb them until they have some leaves.

Some of my large established plants don't care for full sun either and can get stressed. Also, the soil in the pots can overheat in full sun. Sometimes you can put a pot in a pot to sort of insulate the soil a bit. Or you can bury the pot 2/3 of the way into the ground and stake the plant so winds don't blow it over.

I think for most plumerias they are not crazy about temps warmer than 95 degrees unless coupled with high humidity.

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Dave - I would think under a glass table would be quite warm, huh? For today I am leaving my cuttings under the umbrella. They really need to go to a spot where I won't have to keep moving them due to rain or wind. Guess I'll have to continue scoping out the backyard and make a decision soon!

Thanks for mentioning putting something in the pot to discourage rodents and such. My problem is frogs burrowing in. :)

No Clue - next year we will feel mostly confident answering some of the newbie questions, don't you think? :)

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Dave your comment is so true! 95F and High humidity.
One of the things I think of is what is it like where plumeria originate? Coastal communities in Mexico and Central America often have late afternoon and evening showers with coastal trade winds off the Caribbean Sea that bring in the humidity.
Full day sun exposure is not hard on mature trees however young trees don't have that umbrella shaped canopy to cover the branches. Here in Florida my cuttings from Hawaii seem to do well with full morning to 11:00AM direct sun and in the afternoon are shaded by trees on the West side of my back yard. Every day after dinner, I go out and inspect them and wet them with the hose with a fine spray making sure not to drench the soil. My intent is to create some humidity for the new leaves and to let them know I care lol.
Most importantly air circulation in my most humble opinion is important ( creating a coastal environment ) I spray every thing from up into the palms the fence and bushes.
I don't know if this helps, but it's what I go by.

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When rooting, I put mine on an upstairs porch against a wall where they basically get protection on all sides and full "shade." I put shade in quotes because even in lieu of direct sun, plenty of light is available...a light meter reveals all. I water once, initially, and that is it until I see roots.

Full sun, at least here in FL, can be brutal especially for container plants and when not enough moisture is available. On Kauai (where these plants are not native but have done especially well) it is typically in the mid 80's, lower humidity but rains every almost night.

I am constantly fighting to keep my lawn and garden properly irrigated, fine tuning sprinkler heads and whatnot. While FL gets rain, sometimes the majority of it comes in a few days via tropical systems vs. being well spread out over the year. Sort of frustrating but at least the winters are mild so I won't complain too much.

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Hot is good and some sunlight is OK but too much may cause problems. I put cuttings on concrete inside a black pot in a place where the sprinkers won't get them wet and where they have some shade.

I have not had the experience of needing to double pot in my heat conditions which are comparable to the current heat wave. Maybe that is due to acclimation to the weather or maybe its the size of the containers.

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I am in the process of slowly acclimating mine to full sun. My kimo doesn't look so good, quite shriveled, but it did drip latex so it's a wait and see. At first I was afraid it was the sun but to be honest, it didn't look all that great when it arrived and has gotten some what worse.

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I have six cuttings of Kimo in pots in my back yard and noticed the same thing? Mine too look shriveled a bit but some are putting out new leaves.

I hit mine with the water hose from a far and create a mist.
I want to make sure to just wet the leaves stalk and surface pebbles in the pot. I do this every evening after dinner.

I have a Kimo tree that is 6ft and it grows straight and tall. All the branches are skinny but super healthy.
Just give it the same love as you do the others.


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Stuart - During shipping, Kimo's roots had broken off so I'm re-rooting it now as if it had been an unrooted cutting. And mist the leaves every afternoon. Keeping the faith though that all will be ok! :)

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