Bad time for shipping plumeria?

KJMMJuly 30, 2014

Just bought my first plumerias from a local nursery, and WOW might be a start to a new addiction!

I was looking at and was going to order some more that are not available locally, however noticed that they said they remove leaves before shipping... does that mean they remove the flowers too??? Since now the bloom time is now, I'd much rather receive specimens currently in bloom. Is now a bad time to mail order plumerias? or will they ship now leaves but WITH flowers and flower buds? Any recommendations for other online sellers who will sell rooted/potted plumerias that have not been stripped of leaves/flowers right now? Or should I wait until fall/dormant to order?

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Welcome to the crazy world of plumeria. I would wait until spring unless you can find some close to home. You might try craigs list, Lowes, or Home depot. Most seller did not mail them with flowers or buds on them. And yes if they did I would think that they would take them off just like the leaves. I could be wrong but most of the time when I buy rooted cuttings on ebay they will tell you if it will flower this season and you will pay more. Hope that this will help you, Barb

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Thanks! that is very helpful, Barb!!!!
Where are you located? Are you in socal/OC?

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I am in Lakewood, CA. I do sell some of my extra ones once or twice a summer. But it drives my husband nuts when you tell people that you are selling 4 to 5 different kinds some with flowers (which I put in the ad) and when they come over they go right for the other ones that are blooming and ask if I would sell them. I know that everyone likes the flower ones but it does get old really fast. Barb

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TikiTropic(10b SoCal)

I got a few rooted cuttings (online) from Brad's Buds n Blooms and they are doing really well.

Most of the leaves were intact (but droopy) when they arrived but shortly after potting a lot of them perked up and you'd never know they just traveled across the continent without their soil or pot!

Reasonable prices and stellar service!

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If you want rooted, potted plants with leaves and possibly blooms/buds/inflos, you can try Jungle Jack's.
Tell them you want them shipped in their pots.
It costs more to ship because of the added weight but you will need to do nothing, other than reacclimate them in shade for 2-3 days if they've taken a week to arrive. (If you're on the east coast, for example.)

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