Help with Leaves!

DislikeJune 7, 2014

The attached pictures are happening to some of my Habanero/Jalapeno Plants.

I am growing them indoors, under a 600 watt LED Grow Light, the temperature with lights on is 75-78, lights off is 68-70, humidity stays around 55-65%, depending on watering status inside the tent.

I placed them outside the last few days, trying to see if that would help them, however it does not seem to change much.

I am using Pro-Mix Ultimate Organic Mix, No nutrients have been used yet.

Water from the last watering was from a RO with DI filter to produce 6 pH water with PPM of 0, before this was tap water, left to air out the chlorine, and adjusted to 6~6.5pH. It has been over a week with the new water, and it does not seem to change.

Any help would be greatly appricated!

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This is the Habanero

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jean001a(Portland OR 7b)

Have you been adding fertilizer? If not, please do.

The purpling of the leaves is due to exposure to extra bright light, just short of a "burn."

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I have not given them anything. As I was unsure what was wrong with them.

Should I reduce the time the light is on? Its running 20/4 (20 on 4 off)

I have follow the illegal growing sites info. As not a whole lot of people grow indoors other than starting seedlings. Other than the illegal stuff.. Figured a plant is a plant... But I guess I am wrong. Lol

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seysonn(8a WA/HZ 1)

I remember when my seedlings were growing under lights, few of them were just like the one in your first picture. I did some investigation. Some said it is Phosphorus deficiency. Some said it is a lighting effect. Anyway, I did not change anything and after a while it went away and new growth became normal green again.

So whatever it was (in my case) was nothing to be concerned with.

BTW: Mine was a Thai. Here is a picture.

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