giving some of my dead zone back to partial wildness

dav8January 31, 2013

About 3 years ago I stopped mowing about one-half acre of my yard. My only chore has been to pull up all saplings,and trim down the goldenrod. It has not been an unpleasant task. What I'm left with is an area that attracts wildlife,some native plants,and has turned out to be a mecca for crickets, who serenade me for free.My purpose in this post is just to emphasize that one can be happy without being OCD about consensus requirements regarding "meadows." If the area is small enough you can prevent it from reverting to a forest, without labor intensive efforts,and it sure beats the "dead zone" of a lawn.It's lazy and I love it.

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I couldn't agree with you more. It's nice having spaces without trees, even if they are not perfect in terms of diversity. I have a few 'dead zones' at my place that I never mow and I usually try to toss whatever scraps I have left into these areas after i complete my Fall seed collecting. There a lot of simple things that require little energy but have big payoffs.

Here is a link that might be useful: Improved Ecosystems

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Right..the hell with perfection, and being anal, and all that stuff. "Simple things that require little energy but have big payoffs"...(very well put),are the way to go for me. I'm 62. The conservation of flesh and bones is something I've become very attentive to in my approach to my "meadow", and gardens. Thank you for your positive feedback.

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dandy_line(3B (Brainerd, Mn))

I see areas in the farm land where land was deserted for a while and in a short time is over run with "weed trees". Without sporadic fire as a control mechanism, it does require vigilance to keep the weeds in control. But well worth it.
It'd s lot of fun to take an area like you have and clear small patches to put in some 'decorative' wildflowers. Keep doing that every year and you will have the neighbors constantly over there oohing and aahing.

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