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jlhart76(6)February 7, 2009

Hi, I've been working on my design for a new garden & stumbled across this thing called "potager gardens". Wow, who knew planting flowers, herbs & veggies together had a name! Anyway, I'd like some suggestions on my first attempt at a design.

Dimensions are 7' x 12', with a 3' path thru the middle. The marigolds are along the outside of the garden, & the side opposite butts up to the house. There are some empty spaces, to be filled in with something but I don't know what yet.

Am I on the right track? Or do I go back to the drawing board?

Here is a link that might be useful: Garden Design

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I think your plantings look a little too tight. At least in my zone, a lavender gets to be a pretty big shrub in a year or two. I would look at the size of mature plants in neighborbood gardens, and plan accordingly.

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marcy3459(6a NE OK)

I love the looks of the design on paper. You are definitely on the right track. I love the curving pathway.

It looks to me as if the left side is a little tight, i.e. sunflower and cucumbers space a little tight, as well as the tomato space for 3 tomatoes and that much basil.

On the right side, I think you have given too much space in several areas, i.e, to the rosemary.

Solution: Give your space to the veggies and squeeze the herbs, they'll do okay anywhere as long as there is sun. But you know your strawberries will take over that bed, don't you? Think groundcover!! Unless they are alpines. Oh, and a question: are you climbing your cucumbers on the sunflowers or planting underneath or sunflowers after the cucumbers are toast?

It will be beautiful and packed just right so not much weeding. And by the second year, you'll know what you need to do to change it. Enjoy it.

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The design looks great! I would agree that the cukes area looks a tad small. Keep pinching and basil will get big. With that much you'll be making pesto by the pound. You can cut back on that. I agree that Rosemary is a bit large too.

I'm wondering why so many marigolds? That would be a great space to put a nice row of herbs to free up space elsewhere. You can interplant the marigolds throughout.

If you have room for pots..some things can go in pots as well to save space. The 3ft path is good..I'd stick to that as things will start to tumble into it as the season progresses.

Good Luck!

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Thanks for the suggestions.

I have a good reason for all the basil: by the time I realized what I'd done, I had 5 different basil seeds started. Good thing I have friends who love to cook!

The sunflowers will be the supports for the cucumbers (I read somewhere that you could do that, so I thought I'd give it a shot.)

No real reason for the marigolds, other than I like the color. I had some in my garden last year, & when I was working on this one I dumped out the seeds that were still on the plants. Don't know if they'll take, but I figure I'm not out anything by trying.

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