Engelmann's Daisy

GreatPlains1(7OK)January 10, 2014

I am thinking of ordering seeds of this, has anyone grown it? I read it blooms May, June, July, August and its evergreen. Is that true? Is one plant good for display or would you need several in a group to make an impact?

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Lol, well as I told you...it's a powerhouse and yes...it's the first thing blooming in spring (except maybe bulbs) and last in fall.
One plant (in 2nd year) will make a statement (it'll be likely 2-3 foot across and as wide).
Just for grins I'll attach one of my favorite photos (which are of the flowers...not the habit of growth)...including this and coreopsis tinctoria. I called it a duo of daisies...lovely (in my mind at least)

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That does it. Its on my list from Plants of the SW. My list is pretty short really, I'm ordering that Sand Sage to start a new plant to replace a cactus corpse that got froze to death and I want Penstemon virgatus (Wandbloom). I like the thin leaves on it and think it will look good coming up around and among blue grama grass. Did you place an order yet? Seems like you said you did.

Was your Englemann's plant upright or sprawling?

I found Berlandiera lyrata (Chocolate Flower) seeds locally here in OKC. I also bought Sundial Lupine (Texas) and a mixed package of Water-Wise Mix by Botanical Interests that has only three or four in it I don't want, the rest are good. I'll just weed out the ones I don't want.

I love those Coreopsis tinctoria and agree those two look good together. I got some seeds from the roadside but only had a couple come up last summer, there should be more this year, I just let them go to seed and scattered them here and there.

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wantonamara Z8 CenTex

Great plains . I have this seed. I could probably find a plant in the path to dig up.

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You made me laugh.

Yes, I'm interested, I never got around to ordering seed.

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wantonamara Z8 CenTex

My seed might be old BUT it won't be this spring (LOL) but a few plant are yours. , I can also send you some cowpen daisy seeds. a gal blooming daisy like thing they butterflies love. They get fairly tall and can take a little light shade.

Here is a link that might be useful: Cowpen daisy

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wantonamara Z8 CenTex

Yeppers, I have three or so in the path waiting to be trod upon. I will let these cold front pass and mail it up to you. Do you think the cold will be a problem on your end?

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Maybe it will at least for the next 10 days. That arctic business is down here right now. We are supposed to be minus something or other --4 or 5 on Saturday night. Maybe the end of Feb would be better. I plan to send you a couple things because they'd be happier down there further south. This winter separated the men from the boys. Expect a still small, partially damaged sharkskin agave. I can't stand to see it suffer. Could you use some Santa Rita pads? The whole cactus is nearly gone but the low pads are still OK. Its that really round colorful one. Its too cold for it here.

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