Update Photos of Front Yard/Former Lawn Potager

lyonsy(10 CA)March 23, 2008

Photos taken yesterday.

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peachiekean(z10A CA)

Nice pictures!
I have had a varmint in my garden since fall. He trampled the seedlings while digging for grubs. The only dirt he is not bothering is my little garlic patch where we have 3 different kids growing this year. I now have carrot and parsnip seeds planted - but the critter (a raccoon, maybe?)wants in that patch badly - I have two layers of bird netting over it. I am in the process of moving the vegetable patch to my rose garden. First half this year and next year the other half. The other garden is fenced better and they don't seem to be there according to other gardeners.
Yay, it's April!

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I'd love to see pictures of the yards, in context, if anyone has them. Not that I don't love the close-ups, but it's hard to get the whole picture, and I'm so curious to see how all this beauty comes together.

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I agree with sarabell, I'd love to see the "big picture".

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lyonsy(10 CA)

Hey guys,

Some photos of the garden..the bigger picture.


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Wow, it's spectacular! Thanks for sharing.

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matriarchy(6 in PA)

Wonderful! I barely have things coming out of the ground in PA. Just gotten spring veggies in the ground these past few weeks, peas and onions and greens. It's warming up nicely now.

What is that with the furry leaves, the third one down in the first group of photos?

Can't wait to watch your garden develop - last year's series of photos was fabulous.

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lyonsy(10 CA)


Its called Salvia Argentea..grows very large and dramatic!


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wilhelmine(z6 KY)

To the gentleman in california....I would live in a tent in order to have the beautiful sweet peas in my garden. Cant seem to grow them succesfully here in Ky. I s it too warm ? Would love to know the secret, maybe I have to get better soil or old manure, my father had them in Germany, when I was a child.
Sincerely, Hildegard

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I've tried and failed to grow sweet peas here in south Florida. I'd say definitely too warm and that was in the winter (70-80 degrees).

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WOW Beautiful!!!

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Beautiful John.

What kind of tree is that in the first group of pictures that has the black catkins? Is it some kind of willow or perhaps a birch? It's beautiful whatever it be!
I like how you've mixed in so many plants of the same gray-blue color as your house, that "Federal Blue" color. Very artistic and clever. Love your Calla Lilies. I wish I could grow fragrant sweet peas like yours here on my property. The thistle-like plants are cool.
You ought to plant a blue Agave near you front walk somewhere. I have two kinds, but have to grow them in large pots as they would freeze here, so they don't get really big like they would if grown in the ground. One is the same color as your house.
Anyway, your front looks terrific. No Mow Grass!
Thanks for sharing.

~ sweetannie4u

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lyonsy(10 CA)

thanks sweetannie

the tree is a white birch and it died this year..not sure what happened

I will keep it and grow my sweetpeas up and into it this winter


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little_dani(9, S. Tex Coast)

We also have a hot and humid climate here on the Texas Coast, but we grow sweet peas. We plant them in October, and they are blooming now, Feb.9th! We have very sweet soil, so if you have acidic soil, you might want to try adding some lime.

Our sweet peas will bloom until it gets too hot, sometime in April or May.

We love them.


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