Some plants near the palms

jimhardyNovember 16, 2012

This little Echinopsis is the last baby off some I

planted 4 years ago-this one has somehow survived

although easily seeing temps between 0-10F


I had a little A.Americana planted right under the

6' Y.Aloifolia-it sent out a pup before the mother-ship(Aloifolia)

sucked it up-

This is it-not sure how it has survived numerous dips into the single

digits but if I lose my bigger Americana I know where I will plant this one.

It will be interesting to see how long these Graptopetalum can make it.

These will be covered



Blue form of Parryi

A.Protoamericana -from someone on Hardy palm forum?



3'x5' Americana

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im on your heels I can't wait to put one of these together next year...

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how far did you go down to ammend the soil in that bed? just wondering how much sand I'm going to have to truck in.

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Mike, don't use play sand. Sand will actually retain water. You will want to use a course builders sand with small gravel mixed in. Or truck in a lot DG.

Jim, great looking garden as always. I don't see any parryi in what you have labeled blue form. I would post that on xeric world for a ID. You protoamericana has a lot of salmiana in it. Can't wait to see if retains its blue from americana. It may end up looking like my pokey ghost. This is my first year with ghost plants, so I would love to know what temps finish yours off.

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Chad blue form of Parryi

Was bought from here..

it takes a while to take shape.


When I made this originally I just dumped a huge pile of sand and started
planting-I did not plan on it being the way it is now-at that time,so don't do this......

I had to go back and dig(around every plant)15" down.

I first put a layer of lime stone as(PH) a drainage level
then I mixed a little of the sand/soil with something
like pea gravel only bigger and course sand...about the top
6-10" is course sand,pea gravel and 10% soil.

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Everything looks great! You have a lot of beautiful cacti and succulents and they all manage to fit perfectly with the lush palms and tropicals!
Thanks for sharing!

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thanks for the advice guys it will def help this spring when I start putting this all together. updates with pics as I go.

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