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mrtoad(7b NC)March 9, 2011

at a used book table - yesterday - picked up a fun book -

"in the french kitchen garden" by georgeanne brennan

i would recommend this so much - the drawing , the writing , beautiful and informative

mr toad

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Mrtoad- Thank you so much for recommending this book. I saw a review last summer, meant to go look for it, then got busy and lost the title. I'm sure that's the same book and now, I'm going to see if I can find it :)

Also, has anyone seen Jennifer Bartley's new book? It's supposed to be very good, too. I really like her first book!

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mrtoad(7b NC)

miss lavender-lass � I have had "desiging the New Kitchen Garden" for a while and still give it a glance � interesting information � in addition j. bartley�s latest book "the Kitchen Garden Handbook� is a winner

they both work for me

and if i may be so bold - let me recommed

"Sugar Snaps and Strawberries: Simple Solutions for Creating Your Own Small-Space Edible Garden" - andrea bellamy

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Mrtoad- I'm so glad you like Jennifer Bartley's new book. The Andrea Bellamy book sounds wonderful...I love edible gardens! My favorite thing in the garden, lately, is to mix in edibles with the flower beds. My roses are looking very nice with herbs and I want to get some garlic, too. The strawberries make a wonderful groundcover, under the blueberries :)

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I have Georgeanne Brennan's French garden book, plus her "A Pig in Provence." I love the way she breaks gardening down into seasons that work for almost any region; you just modify your plantings to suit your area's seasonal timetable.

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