I have meadow sod in need of repair advice

crazychihuahuas(Bay Area Hills zone 9)February 6, 2006

I have a large patch of meadow sod (tall, floppy, thick, no mow grass) planted on an incline that had a large amount of die-off initially and has since been damaged over the year from gophers and weeds. I planted the sod over chicken wire to keep the gophers out but now I see the holes were too big and the little gophers got through as well as some really big weeds with long tap roots. I want to repair and replace the damaged areas and am looking for advice on the care and feeding of this type of grass given my little problems...thanks!

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joepyeweed(5b IL)

I fell kind of bad that no one has answered this question.

meadow sod (tall, floppy, thick, no mow grass)? - Can I assume that is a mix of fine fescues - similar to what is sold by Prairie Nursery? Either way it probably doesn't change my answer much.

I would probably mow it high once in awhile to keep the taller weeds from going to seed. And I might spot clip, hand pull or apply spot application of herbicide to large weeds.

I have seeded over chicken wire to keep dogs from digging. But its kind of a pain if you ever need to work or dig in that area in the future. And of course, chicken wire is not going to do anything to prevent moles or gophers.

The mole and gopher trails are not really a problem once the sod gets established. Its natures natural aeration system.

In areas that have died off, I would probably mow short and overseed with the same mix.

For future reference, when trying to hold seed on a slope, I would probably use a double net straw blanket (photodegradable) to hold the seed and soil for a year, similar to a North American Green SC150.

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