Plumeria changes colors

konatikiJuly 20, 2010

IÂm very happy. One of my plumeria is shooting out blooms that are different colors. I donÂt know how to explain it.

All of these are on the same inflo off the same branch tip. Some start out one color and change as they grow but some start

and stay the same color. There are oneÂs that start out white and change to light pink to dark pink and some start out

red and stay red. I bought this plumeria from Home Depot here is Vista "north San Diego, CA" and itÂs a Jungle Jack's.

I donÂt know what the name of it is but if anyone can tell me that would be great. I think the tag said "pink" when I bought it.

Here are some pictures.The first picture was taken yesterday 7/19/10 and the other two were taken 6/24/10. It's the same plant!!

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Dave in NoVA • 7a • Northern VA

For some of my plumies, flower color can change depending on the weather conditions (mainly sun and temperature):

1) as the buds are developing,
2) when the buds open up, and
3) while they are open.

During cool spells, my flowers are usually lighter in color. With heat and sun they tend to open darker. But as the flower ages, with heat and sun, they tend to fade sooner. If they open up dark, but we have cloudy days, some will keep their more saturated colors longer. There's a lot of variability. It also varies with the cultivar to some extent.

Beautiful photos. You can enjoy many colors on ONE PLANT!

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia


Very beautiful photo!!!

Can't believe the different colors on one tree!!!

Quite interesting...lucky for you!!!


Laura in VB

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It's a great lil plumeria. Also the blooms on this one are alot smaller then any of my other plumeria. The blooms in the pictures are only about the size on a US quarter, very petite which make them even cooler.

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Hi Konatiki,
can I have your permission to upload this amazing photo to my Greek Plant Forum which I belong ??

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Hi greekman. Yes you may!!

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