sprinklers vs. drip system?

coronado(z9 Phoenix, AZ)February 6, 2004

Hey everyone. Here's my dilemna. I'm starting to landscape my backyard and I'm trying to xeriscape it as much as possible (I live near downtown Phoenix, AZ). I have an area set aside as a native grass meadow with plans for wildflowers strewn about. I had planned on putting gravel mulch and a drip system throughout the yard EXCEPT for the meadow area, which would have been bare soil (to make the rare mowing safer and easier) and a sprinkler system. I went to my first ever gardening lecture last week however and was told by a woman there that a drip system would work just as well for a meadow/grass area and she also recommended I place the gravel mulch in this area. Is this the best way? It would certainly save water here and be easier than putting in 2 types of watering systems but I keep picturing getting hit with gravel when I mow. By the way I do have to mow a small patch (only down to 6 inches or so because my adult to older dog likes to have a cool place outside to lay down and nap). Well I hope I've given enough info- maybe too much, lol. Thanks for any and all info you can give as I am a brand new gardener. Best- Lou

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I have used both and the drip system is much better in terms of saving water. I don't think the gravel would be a problem if you are mowing grass, as you would have your blade high anyway to further save water.

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Rosa(4ish CO Rockie)

Have to agree with VBain. Set the mower as high as it will go and the gravel should not be a problem. Your plants (grass?) will thank you for not scalping them within an inch of their life. Bear in mind that there is a direct correlation between the height of the grass and the depth of their roots. You want those roots deep in the soil.
The drip system is superior at getting water to the roots of the plants without all that loss to evaporation especially in your (dry) climate. I find it impossible to get water that deep into the rootzone effectively and without waste using a sprinkler.

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coronado(z9 Phoenix, AZ)

Thank you both so much! I feel very reassured to move ahead now with gravel and a drip system. Oddly enough I read someone else's question about burning or mowing their meadow and while trying to answer something occurred to me. I could just use a string-line mower to keep away from the gravel. Duh! Lol!! Thanks again- I'm really looking forward to the projects ahead and how different this place will start looking!- Lou

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