Help - should I transplant or leave them?

jennyzone5(6)June 23, 2011

I tried to post this earlier but it never showed up...

I planted Jalepeno and Cayennes outside around the middle of May. They are growing and some tiny Jalepenos are already starting to appear. The Jalepeno plants are just over a foot tall and the Cayenne are now maybe a foot and a half.

I just found out that I planted them way too close together - just a few inches apart from each other. Should I leave them where they are and see what happens or should I dig them up and put in containers since I don't have anywhere to move them to?

Here is a link that might be useful: Pictures of the peppers right now

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I think live and learn. Digging them up may or may not do more damage than good.

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Ok I'll leave them where they are and hope for beginner's luck!

Thanks :)

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Peppers love being transplanted. I doubt there would be any harm moving them. You will have to do it sometime anyway. Maybe next year, maybe sooner.

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Its a tough call. Digging em up now will disturb entangled roots and have a bit of transplant shock perhaps. The plants might take a little time to recover if disturbed.

I planted some of my plants again this year in tight quarters around 8 inches apart. I just love seeing how many plants i can squeeze into a raised bed without having a total failure of clusterphuck. Im gonna try to place em at least 12 inches apart next year ;)

Its probably reccommended to have em at least 18+ inches apart tho.

If ya have another place to plant a few of those, perhaps try and remove a couple of the smaller plants here and there with as little disturbance as possible and fill in the holes from the rootballs of the dug up ones with some good dirt.


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I also say to leave them. I used to plant peppers really close together too because of limited space at my old house and they always produced well for me.

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I will side with the dig them up group-done many times without problem. Just get a nice big rot ball to plop into the pot.

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i'd dig up at least some of them. they can stand a lot of shock. several years back we got a very early freeze and i literally ripped about 100 plants out of the ground and potted them up- they did fine in the greenhouse after that.

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esox07 (4b)

It seems in KY that you will have plenty of time for pod production if you are already getting some fruit to set. So you could dig them and give them all more room to grow. But, I dont think leaving them be will "kill" any of the plants, just lower their production a little. I planted three Bhuts in my above ground garden about 5 or 6 weeks ago and they had plenty of room. Now two of them have decided to grow sideways and are overlapping several inches. The stems are probably 20 or so inches apart though. While I prefer they dont overlap, I am in now disappointed. They are all producing fine.

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As of right now I have 2 Jalepenos that are big enough to harvest though I'm going to wait for a bit. Cayennes getting flowers now, I fear the roots are already entangled at this point so I think I'm still going to stick with the "leave them and see what happens" idea.

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sjetski(6b NJ)

An easy thing to do would be to snip a smaller/weaker plant in the middle of the bunch. Snip it right at the base of the stem.

This would allow more room for the other plants to spread out which would more than make up for any lost pod production. And the plants may end up a little less lanky than they are now.

Just an idea, but not a big deal though at this point.

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