TropicalZone...or anyone else having problems w/ photobucket?

Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, VirginiaNovember 27, 2010

Hello everyone...OT

I was wondering if any one else was having trouble with photobucket? When ever I try to copy like I always did before it just flickers"copied" in orange and fades away...I am so puzzled by this..I did send them this question, but I have not heard anything yet...I can attach a pic from my computer to an email...but trying to copy and paste oover to the garden web is impossible right now for me...any ideas?

Thanks for any advise!!! were the first to help me with this...I value your help!!! TKS!!!

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Thanks for any help!!!

Laura in VB

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Hi Laura! Same thing is happening to me! Right now I just clicked on a link on my pic (and it said copied) and Im about to see if I can paste it in this message.....

Ok, it looks like it worked. Basically all I did was click on the link (instead of right clicking and selecting copy like I usually do), and I right clicked on this message and clicked paste like usual. It seems like they are trying to "improve" Photobucket, so maybe the problem will fix itself as they work out the bugs. It might be the type of computer you are using (just a guess). I hope it works out!
Good luck!

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hey Alex...I will give it a try, Thank you very much for your quick response!!! I haven't been able to post for days!!! I knew you would help!!! Thank you my friend!!!

Laura in VB

Here it goes....testing 123 LOL....

Thank you are the best!!! Laura in VB

That is a terrible picture of me hiding behind an enormous Agave!!! LOL....but look at the size of that monster!!!

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Im glad I could help! Awesome pic of that Agave! That thing is absolutely gigantic! Its definitely going to be in bloom soon! Where was the pic taken?


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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hey Alex,

That picture was takrn down in Hatteras NC....this past summer...That is the largest that I have seen!!!

What a monster!!!!

Laura in VB

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brooklyngreg(7a NYC coastal plain)


I thought that was Cape Hatteras NC! When I copied my photos recently I noticed that photo bucket made it easier and copied instantly when I clicked on the http....

Just a warning to all. When I copied the lemon picture to send on regular email; BUT Photo bucket permitted my entire album to be viewed. I double checked it and did everything right. Good thing they were just palms :) lol

Hi Alex, what was that picture of palms you posted?

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Wow I knew agaves could grow on the outerbanks, but I didnt know they could grow that well!!

Greg, I took that pic on Maui, Hawaii this past summer. I was pretty surprised to see washingtonias growing their because they are the tropics (and they usually dont do well in the tropics), however, it was on a dry part of the island. I saw a lipstick palm right nearby the washingtonias and I had no clue that such different palms (Lipstick palms are very tender and also need lots of humidity) could co-exist!

Good luck everyone!

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hello Greg!!!

You are correct it is "Cape Hatteras"...sorry about that...WE here in VB consider it to be so close and us locals call it "Hatteras" also called by locals as "Hatteras Village" it is the most southern point of the Island...the ferry to Ocracoke is nearly yards from where the picture was taken. So if you want to sound "local" it Hatteras!!! AKA "HWY 12" It is one of the best places to take a vacation!!! Great Sun, surf and great fishing!!! That trip we caught many Bullnose Dolphin aka as Mahi Mahi...ahhhh makes me hungry thinking about them!!! They also have a great run on Tuna in the early part of the well as White and Blue Marlin Wahoo too! Sorry to get off topic...just thinking about
summer and how much i love deep sea fishing!!!

How have you been Greg? I was up in your area yesterday (LGA) and had a wonderful time with all of those storms!!!
What a day!!!

How are all of your palms? I just brought in two of my Ponytails, and my big Agave...almost to close for comfort with the low temps...but they are alll fine. Now everything is inside for the winter...My hubby can't seem to adjust right yet...he seems to think that he's in a jungle!!! LOL...Then once springtime comes around, and I put them all outside...he says that the house looks bare!!! LOL...I really need a greenhouse..."Hope santa is listening" LOL

Take care everyone!!! Great to hear from you Greg!!!
(I am going to try and order one of those Ponderosa Lemons come spring"
Still can't get over that size of that lemon...

Laura in VB

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brooklyngreg(7a NYC coastal plain)

Hi Laura,

Sorry it has taken so long to write back. Things speed up around here with the Holidays and I can loose track once in a while:)

We have been using the lemons and I think you'll enjoy growing them. They'll be great for your Mahi Mahi...and it sure makes me hungry too! I wanted to fish in NC Hattarus but was not sure what season to go out fishing there and where to store the catch until we return back to NYC. I can share with that those fish or most fish in NYC is big $$$. Fish is much more that steak.

We waited for the ferry to Ocracoke NC and I noticed we really crossed over to more palms and Spanish moss growing everywhere on the island's southside. I would not wait for that ferry again though, it was the height of the season and it took hours:( Wow, that place was searing hot in July. The seafood was everyone and plentiful.

You do a lot of travel for work, what type of job is it?

My plants are all winterized! Here's comes the cold.

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hey Greg...

I checked this thread the other day...and i didnt see your post...imm so sorry..better late than never!! LOL...

Yes i do alot of traveling for work...I am in the "friendly skies" all of the time..that is what i others say..." a Major Airline"" LOL...dont know if i should say the name..i want people to like me!!! LOL...

Hope all is well with you and your is the little dog? The Ponderosa? I ready fo some gigantic lemons...LOL!!!

Take care Greg...

Laura in VB

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