Planning 1st potager, have some questions

tammyinwv(z6/WV)March 5, 2010

First off, I am planning on putting in green beans- pole and bush,tomatoes and cucumbers.I am considering having my husband build a few obelisk for the pole beans.

1.Can you tell me the ideal width of the base (how far apart the 4 legs should be)

2. how do you plant the beans at the base? Do you plant one at each leg or what?

3. How much space is required for the tomatoes?

4. I assume peas grow on a pole, how do you space these?

I have Blue lake bush beans, white half runner pole, Mr Big peas, and a variety of tomatoes such as mortgage lifter,black plum, sungold cherry,cherokee purple, and black krim.Plus a variety of herbs. I have never grown veggies in raised beds before.


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girlgroupgirl(8 ATL)

Hi Tammy:
Green beans need very very tall obelisks so the bottom width needs to support a minimum of 6' tall of obelisk. Ideally you would want them 8' tall. I have 4' obelisks for shorter climbing peas, and they have a 2.5 square foot area (4 legs). Yes, I plant two seeds at each leg. Just in case one doesn't grow!
Tomatoes all take different sized places. Indeterminate tomatoes: some hybrids, Romas - they can take a medium sized "regular" tomato cage and do well. Mine are about 2' around. Indeterminate tomatoes take up much more room. I use the largest cage I can find (4' tall) and have to stake them also (they get so full of fruit they fall over). 3' in diameter up top. Below them they take up less space and I will grow small items around them - bush beans, arrugula, you can probably do lettuces all summer?

Some peas are pole,some peas are bush habit. The seed packet should tell you. All of your tomatoes are indeterminate and will grow large. Even cherries so BIG cages for them all.

The Mr. Big peas you are planning on growing only grow to 4' tall.

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Thanks a lot. That was loads of help. I never thought about planting under the tomatoes. I am hoping to get 4-- 4x8' raised beds built to plant these in.

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