Globe Sedge ---Cyperus croceus and other common lawn weed sedges

castorpFebruary 22, 2011

They're all natives (I think) but are they friend or foe in the meadow?

Will they take over? Will they be shaded out by taller grass/flowers eventually? Will they "blend in"? Could they actually be beneficial to a meadow in some way?

Note: none of mine are "nut sedge." But they are fairly aggressive sedges that thrive in dry to moist extremely sandy soil in full sun.

Thank you.


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lycopus(z5 NY)

Can only speak from experience with northern moist prairies and meadows, but the native sedges that might be weedy in lawns don't seem to be dominant under natural conditions. For example Cyperus strigosus is sometimes abundant in moist disturbed areas but I don't see it as often in less ruderal habitats. Each species is unique though so it may be a matter of letting things go and see how it turns out.

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