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irun5kJuly 11, 2011

This is a shot I thought some of you might enjoy- a large pink growing in my neighbor's back yard. It is clearing the second story of their house. No, this is not Hawaii.... this is a zone 9b! This beast shows me why the serious collectors are always shuffling inventory in and out!

I actually have a genetically similar tree growing in my yard. I planted it as a landscape specimen and the space can accommodate it (eventually it will cover my entire deck and first story of my house.) I assume that both are at least relatives of the Miami Rose.

I am having second thoughts on mine though. The tree is a profuse grower, and many times only branches in two directions. As a result the tree becomes very sparse. I have seen potted plumeria with more inflos than the mammoth below. On the upshot, the inflos are also mammoth and put out for 2-3 months. Still, there would be little comparison between the structure of a compact rubra or a singapore obtusa and this type of tree @ 15 feet in height.

Well, I can blame all this on being a beginner. At least mine isn't anywhere near as large as the one below (yet!)

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hello Everyone....


What a beautiful tree!!! That is the largest Plumeria that i have seen here on the East Coast!!!

If i could only grow them here in the ground....

Quite Beautiful....thanks for sharing!!!

Take care....

Laura in VB

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labland(Inland Valley CA9)

That is one fantastic tree! Once again, I think humidity has to help!

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sunseeker53(10a CA USA)

Wow it's a nice tree! Even without a lot of flowers, the leaves are very lush and the look is so tropical!

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Dave in NoVA • 7a • Northern VA

My Miami Rose is a monster. I think it grows at least 2 to 3 feet before blooming. Can't maintain it here in a pot for very long.

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Hi Dave & everyone,

Monster is a good way to put it. I suspect it is a hardy cultivar as well. Even in a microclimate inside a 9B, sometimes we have a frost but my neighbor's doesn't seem to mind and mine hasn't been affected either.

If a tip goes one or more years w/o blooming you're definitely looking at some really long branches. I've tried to decide whether I should force branching on mine by cutting it back but it seems like eventually the tree will win no matter what!

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Beautiful tree! I cant believe thats in a zone 9b! It really does look like something you would see in Hawaii!

I wouldnt worry about your plumeria and I wouldnt prune it back until it becomes a problem. I think its good to prune plumerias every once in a while, especially in Florida because a bad hurricane (or even a gusty afternoon thunderstorm) could do a number on plumeria branches.

Good luck! It looks like your plant has a good future ahead of it judging by your neighbor's tree!

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