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bjacket(zone 6 Mid Tn)March 4, 2006

I have seeded about 15,000 sq.ft. in the back of my property over the winter with a mixture of native grasses and wildflowers.The seed mixture was mixed with clay & sand and rolled into balls as I felt this would minimize erosion and seed loss to birds/squirrels/etc. For the first time in my 8 years at this home, I have had deer ( a small herd of 6) on the property (starting late last fall). As luck would have it, where they enter and leave is at the same spot the seedballs are sown. My questions are...will the deer impact the success of my project? What, if anything, can or should I do about this issue? These deer are pretty accustomed to seeing people apparantly as I can usually approach within 50-60 yards before they run off.Thanks for any advice you can offer.

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I love your idea of making little balls of soil, sand and seed. I read an article in Cottage Living Magazine that suggested putting seeds in a baloon, then lobbing the baloons at the site to create pockets of wildflowers that will hopefully fill in eventually, and picking up the spent baloons afterward. It sounds like a great way to get kids or your husband involved, because it sounds like great fun. Your idea, however, seems more practical. I cannot answer regarding the deer, but it seems they leave my coneflowers, poppies, etc. alone in favor of browsing on young fruit trees. For the first time I saw where they had rubbed against a young tree. There certainly are plenty around here in Central Virginia. I see so many on the side of the road, sadly as many dead as alive.

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bjacket(zone 6 Mid Tn)

Thanks for the reply...I must say that the idea for making the seed balls was not my own. I found out, through much research on the net, that it is not uncommon and did address my biggest concern, which was seed erosion. The location is somewhat sloped. I am crossing my fingers as I have spent time (site preparation and making seedballs) and $$ ( I purchased high quality seed) and DO NOT want a fancy "salad bar" for the deer.

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