Dead crabgrass

joebryant(zone 5 Indiana)March 21, 2004

Fall of 2002, I killed and burned one acre meadow.

December 15, 2002, I broadcast little bluestem grass seed.

April, 2003, I broadcast wildflower seeds.

Summer of 2003, field was covered with crabgrass that I continously mowed short, but couldn't stop it from producing seed on short shoots, but still there were many short wildflower plants, and I think little bluestem, but I'm not sure.

QUESTION: Now, March 21, 2004, in central Indiana, the field is covered with a mat of dead crabgrass with wildflower seedlings/plants underneath it. Would it be safe for the wildflower plants/seedlings if I were to wait for a dry day and set the crabgrass on fire. i.e., if I burn the mat of crabgrass, would it kill the little bluestem (if there is any ???) and/or the new wildflower seedlings and plants that started last year?

Here is a link that might be useful: Joe's wildflower meadow

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Jim_Nebr(z4 Nebr.)


I've got the same problem with the crabgrass. It forms a solid mat only an inch thick but very dense. It doesn't cover my whole flower patch (2 acres) but areas 20 - 50 ft. across. I'm going to burn when conditions are right. I don't think you need to worry about harming the young grasses if you burn, but others with more experience in this area will be along to help you. Good luck!

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Burning now won't hurt native warm-season grasses. They are still dormant, and burning to remove thatch during spring will actually help the warm-season grasses to prosper.

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