A few random pics (Va Beach)

tropicpalmsDecember 22, 2010

Just wanted to share a few random pics. can't wait for it to get warmer!!!

-Some recent snow pics last week



little waggie

big waggie

Mule palm

with light for a little winter protectiion

large pindo dropped fruits (a few weeks ago)

two hibiscus pics to brighten up your day haha!

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hey Justin,

Looking good in VB!!!
Great Pics with the recent snowfall...

Let's hope for an early spring...think warm!!!

Laura in VB

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Everything looks great!

Hope it warms up there,here,everywhere, sometime soon!

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butiaman(8a Douglasville,GA.)

I like the pictures of the Waggies with a dusting of snow on the fronds.I wonder how the P.sylvestris will take to the snow being on the fronds.There my favorite Phoenix palm.I had two of them in 15 gal. pots and two winters ago I left them outside on a night when it dropped to 15 degrees.I was working so many hours at the time I didn't catch the weather forecast and it killed one of them and almost killed the other one.At the time I didn't know there is a green form and a silver form.Somehow one survived and I still have it today.I've noticed since its gotten older and bigger it looks more silver than green.I now know the silver looking ones is more cold hardy.Anyhow, great pictures and good luck with all your phoenix palms.There my favorite family of palms,they just want live here.I see the big Butia has already made fruit and is starting to drop them on the ground.Will we see Butia babies next spring?Looking forward to your spring pics.
Happy Holidays,Randy

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Look'in good up there in ole Virginny Justin, a question, was the butia tranplanted there of good size or raised from seed or smaller container?? Thanks, Carl

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Great pics, especially those hibiscus! If that doesnt brighten a room or yard up NOTHING will!!
Thanks for sharing!
- Alex

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I really like the mule palm it looks great

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I really like the mule palm it looks great

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hello Dixieboy,

Since Justin hasn't logged on lately, I thought that I would give you an answer... since he is really on the move!! (very busy) with all of his palms...He really has taken off with his new palm business!!! I am so proud of him!!! You can see the excitment in him when I stop to chat about his new yard!!!

His new Butia was transplanted at that size...It is quite the beauty in his front yard!!!

I can't wait for you all to see the final pictures from him!! He and his brother are working overtime getting everything together...and there work is showing everyday!

Take care everyone,

Laura in VB

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Thanks for the reply Laura.

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NoVaPlantGuy_Z7b_8a(Alexandria, VA 7B/8A)

I'm in Va Beach now, and I have to say that I'm pretty impressed with all the changes down here since I was last here about 10 years ago. Furthermore, this area is MUCH more southern than I remembered. There were a few palm trees here and there when I was here last, but now, they are EVERYWHERE. VB proper reminds me of north Florida. Sabal Palmetto everywhere, many if which appear to be thriving. Pindo palms, Sabal Minor, and of course Windmills galore, and LOTS of southern Yucca species, Cactus, and Oleander everywhere, along with WAY more live oaks than I recall seeing here. I know some where here because some of them are old and HUGE. Even here in Smithfield where I am staying there are Windmills everywhere, including what appears to be a small Windmill palm farm with a couple hundred or so in ground planted Windmills for use for sale.

I also have to say I was really impressed with the amount of Spanish Moss found in and around First Landing state park. The photos do not do it justice. There is literally TONS of it, and it all looks extremely healthy. It is kind of odd walking around in there with temps in the 40s, but seeing copious amounts of that stuff hanging in the trees. The one difference I noticed was that alot more of it seems to grow near the ground than in the tree tops. When I say near the ground I mean within like the first 15 feet above ground, although in some areas it goes all the way up to the tree tops. I was expecting it to be rather sparse, but it is not at all. It is very thick and lush. There is so much of it in places that it is all over the ground like it is in Florida as well. It just seems very odd to me that it grows in such a disjunct / isolated pocket.

The other thing I noticed about where it grows, is that it is very humid, and felt considerably warmer than even a few miles away. It was cold and windy on the beach front, but back in the swamps it felt like it was near 50F. A good 10F warmer than everywhere else. I had to take off my hat and gloves and open my jacket because I was getting hot. Definitely one of the coolest environments in the Mid Atlantic seaboard for sure. I will post some pics very shortly.

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Yes thank you everyone, sorry been a little busy... Thanks soo much Mrs. Laura for the help and nice things you say! yea my sylvestries is starting to lightly show a little cold damage effects but the dactylifera is just fine as it is more cold hardy. thanks Dixieboy for the nice comments please keep posting those nice pics you have. Nova- how long are you here? im glad you like va beaches palms and there will be many many many more each year to come added! Im glad you noticed the differences around this area! can't wait to see your pics of where you were in va beach! talk soon and again i really appreciate everyones comments!!!-Justin in Vb

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NoVaPlantGuy_Z7b_8a(Alexandria, VA 7B/8A)

We are getting SLAMMED by extremely heavy snow here in Smithfield right now. We have 1 FOOT on the ground already and still coming down about 2" per hour with high winds, and whiteout conditions. Never thought I would see a blizzard down here that rivaled the ones in D.C. last winter, but this one sure does. I'll be posting lots of pics, just need to take some time to upload them.

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NoVaPlantGuy_Z7b_8a(Alexandria, VA 7B/8A)

Here are a few photos I took from Va Beach and First Landing State Park. Obviously this was the day before the big blizzard. LOL! Lots of Sabal Palmetto, Pindo Palms, All different types of large yucca, Oleanders, Live Oaks, Cactus all around Va Beach, and not just right at the ocean front anymore.


One of the may of hundreds of random Sabal Palmetto around Va Beach that we saw.

There are also LOTS of these along the boardwalk now.

This is at Neptune Park.

The photos below are of First Landing State Park. The Spanish Moss here is the northern most NATIVE Spanish Moss in the U.S. It is Very think / dense in places, but it does not cover the entire park. We also saw more of it than we expected around the VA Beach area in trees, outside of First landing State Park, and there is even some in Portsmouth and here near Smithfield.

Next is the Windmaill Palm Farm here in Smithfield, VA.

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Nice pics! The Sabals look very good especially considering the huge amount of wind they must get during winter storms! I also like the small pindo palms underneath them! Spanish moss and windmill palm grove all look really great too! Hopefully the snow melts soon and everything looks like they do in this pic again!
Good luck!

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hey Ken,

Great pictures...First Landing Park is 10 minutes away from me!!! I wish that we could have met up..I would love to show you around our city!!!

Back Bay is another place that you would enjoy...think about visiting there next time...quite beautiful!!!

Someone made a great decision on planting that Windmill farm...they will do quite well now that palms have really taken off here at the beach!! They are such a fast growing palm..they will sell pretty well!!

I'm glad you got home safe...that trip sounded like you had a trip to remember...

Take care Ken,

Laura in VB

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NoVaPlantGuy_Z7b_8a(Alexandria, VA 7B/8A)

Hi Laura!

Well, I definitely want to come back down sometime soon. Perhaps sometime in March? If only I had known you were so close to where we were!

Have you tried any Spanish moss in your yard there? I'm wondering because I did see some outside of First Landing State Park as well. I even saw a little over on the water near Smithfield on the James river. There is also some in Portsmouth. It seems like Spanish moss could do well in many areas down there, and not just in First Landing. If I ever did end up moving down there you can bet my yard will have LOTS of palm trees, and spanish moss! =o)

I have also thought about going into the windmill business, especially if I move down there. Seems like many nurseries down there are now carrying windmills and sabal palmettos. I also saw quite a few European Fan Palms planted around as well. I've also thought about going into a palm "rental" and sale business for a place like up here. There is a business like that in Chicago and they do very well renting trees out for the summer months. Just dont know about getting up that much capital to start up. LOL!

Alex, its pretty clear which palms are in protected areas on the south sides of buildings because those palms are VERY FULL and LUSH. The more exposed ones tend to look more like the ones that were in the photos of the ones on the beach. I was rather surprised that most placed did not wrap their sabals at all. There are also some fairly large pindo palms around too.

It seems like Va Beach has palms permanently now, and it is probably going to end up looking alot more like Charleston in terms of Vegetation than any place in VA. I also saw LOTS of sago palms unprotected, and none of the windmills I saw were protected at all. The only ones that got any sort of wrapping were the Sabals and Pindos.

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Hey Ken- Yea i wish we both knew u were so close Mrs. Laura lives about 23 sec. (running)haha away from me! I would love for you to stop by in March Def. Ken and check out the Windmills, Dactylifera, Sylvestries, Mexican fan , King sagos (8' o.a.) Sabals, Pindos, Waggies ,needle palmslargest euro fans around and many agave. we will have many many in march when u plan to come, take a look!The sabals only need protecting for the first few years to get acclimated then they are fine. i will definately be trying some spanish moss sometime soon spring time. Im glad you see the interests of Va Beach and are excited about it and the change to palms! im trying to get in good with the city, but they don't like palms here as" they are not native to this area" they always say... anyways this area is def. a micro-climate for palms which i have seen for many many years growing up here! -Justin in VB

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hey Ken,

I tried to respond last night, but the GW had a few problems...so it wouldn't let me post...after I wrote a whole long response to you....Argggg!!!

Anyway...I was saying earlier that I do like Spanish Moss, but since I have been here in VB for a long time (born and raised) I have always heard that it smothers the host tree...I know that there is alot of pros and cons on this matter. I am open to others enjoying this moss...but I don't really have any interest in putting any in my trees. Since I travel to Savannah and other "low country" places like Hilton Head and I can't help from visiting and revisiting the same places (since I work for the airlines) and I have seen trees that are covered and then killed by the moss. I know that some say this is not true...but my eyes and through the years tell me the story!!
So, Spanish Moss is great for some people...but not me!

The person who planted that Windmill farm was a very wise man or women!!! I think the market for palms will take off in the next couple of years...especially Windmills, they grow so fast. I think this is a great business to venture into...I have shared my thoughts to a friend of mine...and they are doing a fine job... :)

Those Sabals and Pindos (sagos) as well, will be fine to leave unprotected after 3-4 years...That way they can get established and acclimated to the area. The ones that need protection are the newly planted trees. Last week, when we had lows in the 20's during the day..I even was worried about my trees. They have been in the ground for 16+ years.

The only people that had them back then was Jungle Golf at the ocean front and the Palm man in Pungo..A few others...but we were the first in the area to push the limits!! I even have to chuckle on they way we would wrap the trees back then...LOL..

I'm glad that you like the area so much!! We all love the beach and have seen such a huge change here in the last 10 years!!! You are correct in that this will start to look like Hillton Head some day or maybe Myrtle beach...Hopefully I will be here to see this some day!!!

Please give me a heads up on when you decide to visit our area...OK?

Take care Ken and I'm glad you made it home safely!!

Laura in VB

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I am new to palms, is the Butia a variety of Phoenix? Can Phoenix be propagated with cuttings or layering? I'm thinking of getting Medjool and Deglet Noor if I can find them.

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brooklyngreg(7a NYC coastal plain)

Thanks those pics are great. The pindo looks so well.

I took a tour in Florida and they said date palms do not grow dates where their is humidity.

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Butias are not a variety of Phoenix and I dont think they are even closely related. I agree with greg, I hear that dates need a certain amount of drought and lack of humidity to produce dates. They still can to well in humid areas like florida (and I have seen canary island date palms produce seeds), but as far as Edible and Commercial date palms such as Medjool, they will probably not produce anywhere where its humid and they are usually very tall when they are in fruit (much larger than a 2 or even 3 story home).
Good luck!

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