Finally,I have roots!!

ssk22July 23, 2011

It has been two months and I see my plumeria's have roots. I had planted them in clear water bottles, I can see roots. How long can they stay in the bottles or should I transplant them now? Thanks for all your help.


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Andrew Scott

Hi Sharon,
Right now I have 2 what are supposed to be 'Hilo Beauty' cuttings and they have taken almost 5 months to root. Right now the roots are only about an eight of an inch long! I still have a Penang Peach cutting that I cut and started in March that has not rooted. I have heard stories from people that said they waited a year for roots!! As long as the cutting isn't getting soft or mushy, they should root but I have heard that there are cuttings that have to be grafted.

Now for transplanting, I like to wait for mine to fill the whole water bottle first. That way, you know you have a good root system before your transplant.

I have a 'Gina' cutting that had filled the whole bottle but when I removed it, I didn't support the base of the cutting well enough, and all those roots SNAPPED right off! I was so mad about that! All I have now are tiny little roots. I just hope it will make it. I have found that most will once they have begun rooting.


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Thanks for answering my question. I was afraid if I waited too long,the roots would break off pulling them out of the bottle. It took a good four months from the time I got them until today. I was so family think I am a little off, getting excited about roots. Haha

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I have two plumerias that just have roots too! I can't believe it. When I got them from Southern Cali in March I thought they already had roots. I was so naive and the salesman didn't bother telling me they were just cuttings. They had flowers and everything.

I learned the hard way that they will eventually root out. In March when I first got the plants, I repotted them =D what a big mistake since they had no roots at the time. Plumeria don't like new soil especially when it's trying to root. They started to shrivelled up and the trunk had the texture of soft beef jerky. It wasn't pretty. I was devastated and decided to forget about them.

5 months later they're back so I guess they have rooted out. The trunk is harder and the tips are full of leaves. The original info are still there but no flowers yet. I'm waiting for new infos to come out from the other tips. It's exciting!

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