seedling density?

macfairman(10 N. CA)March 12, 2004

I'm redoing a small area as a meadow and in some places the wildflowers I seeded look like there was 100% germination. That would be great except the seedlings are very dense as a result!

I tried poking some out and transplanting them to areas without much growth, but this takes a while! Will there be problems if I let them grow with several seedings to a square inch or two? Should I really thin them?


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Well Macfairman,its been 11 days. I guess no one knows.What have you decided to do?How are things progressing?

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macfairman(10 N. CA)

I did poke out some of the smaller ones in areas with a high density (figuring they have fewer roots already in the soil) and moved them around. There are still some big patches though! I'll collect seed and try to spread it better next year.

I suspect other folks have larger meadows -- mine is small so I can fuss over it. :)


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One of the most awe inspiring meadows I have ever seen was 12'x6'.Absoultly flawless.Folks who think you need major sq. footing or acres are missing the point.

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