Ponderings over inflo's and new tips

moonie_57July 17, 2012

Just more newbie stuff.

Sometimes you read where a seller will list their multi-tip cutting "with 2 brand new tips". What makes it special that it has brand new tips as opposed to just being listed as 2 tips?

Also, does it stand to reason that if you buy a multi-tipped cutting that it means that branch has not been long since blooming?

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No-Clue(So Cal Zone 9)

Moonie, brand new is very very new... sometimes you just see a tip less than 1/2 inches long. I have one of those... and it took forever the new tips to grow!

Not sure I understand your second question... :)

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stormys_mom(Md 7a)

I would think that 2 brand new tips would be from spent inflo. As far as multi tips, I would guess that's the way they made the cutting, from a branch that had multi tips. Does that make sense?
Could be they want you to know the plant has already bloomed by listing it as 2 brand new tips. Just my guess.


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Jackie - that was sort of what I was thinking... the other side of the coin... it's going to be awhile before this one blooms. :)

NC - sorry, you couldn't understand my second question because I tend to be a poor communicator. LOL

I have so many questions in my head but then I try to form them into a post I can't even understand myself. you wouldn't believe how many posts I've deleted over the past few months :)

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Moonie.. Hi there!!!

You are correct that "new" means new...and it probably just had an inlo. When they say two tips ..usually means that it has maybe longer tips and it not that small in the tip department. Sometimes, even when you do have an iflo and we all know that it is usually to branch from there..sometimes it continues to stay with a single tip. Sometimes more that not, you have "mulitple tips" meaning three or four. I have a tree that has six tips. Bill had mentioned back in the past that he has one with 12?

Tips are tips..and they will turn into brances soon.especailly now in this season. So i dont worry when i rec one that say "two small tips" I know that they will grow and will be fine.

My ETLD bloomed last year and branched off and i had an inflo from the new stem in that same season.. So don't think it cant happen!! : ) It can...

I hope that i could clear that up a little

Take care...


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