Potting up the Plumies! 'Palma Sola Botanical Park'

Tropic_7July 1, 2012

Well here it is Sunday and I'm potting up some of the plumeria from the parks collection of trees that needed to be trimmed.

I'm still waiting to hear back from the person who was in charge of planting all the plumeria trees here at the park.

My day ended up with over 60 cuttings planted.

Yes, I used that big pile of dirt behind me. It has a blend of Pine Mulch, Pete and Gritty Sand.

I know, I shouldn't be potting them in the sun!, but the back nursery was full of mosquitoes and they have a feast on me.

My buddy Bryan says I look like "Jim Little" today Ha!

Thought you all would like to see some photos as I'm trying to record the work being done at the park for the board members who never show up to help!!!

Aloha All My Plumeria Friends! Stuart

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mksmth zone 6b Tulsa Oklahoma(6b)

Looking great. I was hoping to make it to the gardens when I was in Tampa a week ago but we just ran out of time. your hard work will pay off!

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Wow Stuart, What dedication!!! What a good looking guy with a plumeria bouquet. I'll have to plan to come see your handy work when I go to FL in Nov. Did you have to mark each cutting too as to what variety it is? That was a lot of work to pot them all up. Keep up the good work, we're so proud of you for taking such good care of the gardens. Peg

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stormys_mom(Md 7a)

Nice job!! Thats alot of work. When is the sale? I would imagine your back will feel it later on tonight. I hope next June when I come to Florida to stop and see all the beautys. You do an awesome job. And I hope they appreciate you!!!!!!


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TruNorth7(8b (SF Bay Area))

That's SO great you volunteer so much of your time. Very nice and thank you for sharing! Wish I could make it to Florida to check out all your hard work!


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Hey Mike, I'll keep posting pictures of how the Plumeria's are doing. These trees will be here for a long time! Maybe your next trip you can stop by.

Hey Peg, Thank you for the complement. Cuttings are marked with a sharpie, I call it tattooing the plumeria. It's a lot of hard work, especially in 90 degree heat & humidity here in Florida.

Hey Jackie, The sale is supposed to be in October, however purchases can be made at anytime ( all proceeds go to the park ). I can always meet you there and make sure go go home with some nice cuttings. My back is doing just fine, that's why I use the garden cart to pot & plant the cuttings.
I did about 60 cuttings today. Having TS Debbie set me back to get them potted. I've got some 2.5 gallon pots for the larger cuttings I plan to get them potted by next Thursday.
This is the best time of the year for processing cuttings!

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Hey Rachel, I do it because it was being neglected. Some folks on the board here have been to the park and said how bad it was! I'm slowly turning it around. I keep the walkways raked along with the falling leaves. Also I thought it would be a nice experience and a way to give back to my community.

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Dave in NoVA • 7a • Northern VA

That's a lot of cuttings! Where will they be rooting? In a shade house? What a great way to bring in some money for the Gardens. You should be able to get top dollar if all are named varieties!

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hi Stuart,

Thanks for posting pictures of you and the cutting assembly line!!! : ) I only wish that i could be there helping you. Just the thought of knowing that these little babies will continue on and help the park makes me feel proud for you and the park itself....

Im sorry that you were the only one working... so many say they will help..... ?

This says alot about you and your dedication to the park . I applaud you for the work that you give as well as your own time. I'm sure it makes you feel wonderful to see these cuttings grow because of your care.

Thank you for showing us what you enjoy.. if i was close to your area, i would be right there helping you!!!

Take care,


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No-Clue(So Cal Zone 9)

Wow Stuart. What dedication! I wish I was there to volunteer as well. I'm sure it was a lot of work but it will be so worth it when you see the cuttings grow.

Thank you for sharing the photos! I like your hat too! I must get one of those so I can look like a gardener.

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Hey Dave, I found room for them under shade cloth in the green house / Slaughter Pink I really like as it looks great at the size of a VW Bug! and about as tall too!

Laura, Thank you for your kind words! I'm very happy to be apart of this board and at least have the ability to share photos with my Plumeria Friends. Anytime you want to come down and vacation here in Sunny Florida and put on your Garden Gloves and Hat, I will gladly let you help out as long as you want! Now who doesn't love to get their hands dirty working for a few plumie sticks??? LOL

Hey No-Clue (wished I knew your name) Thank you so much for the kind words. I love my hat and I bought it locally at an ACE Hardware Store! The company that made the hat I'm wearing is called "Tula" and here's the link: http://www.tulahats.com/

Here is a link that might be useful: Tula Hats / Great for Gardening and Sun-Block!!!

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Nice, Stuart! A wonderful way to spend a Sunday, getting your hands dirty for a good cause.


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Stuart - it's apparent you not only volunteer your time, but your heart and spirit, too. Those photos will undoubtedly harness the park boards desire to put forth a little effort!

You have a very kindly face and look so much like my nephew, whom I have not seen in 8 years. He has always done well by his family, friends and community, too!

Thanks for the photos. What fun you must have had! :)

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I'd like to echo much of what others have said. What dedication! I imagine while it was fun it was also hard work.

How disappointing that you didn't have a troop of people helping:(. How I wish that I didn't live so far away in CA. I'd have been happy to help:)

I've worked for a non-profit for 20ys and I do know how much of a difference one person can make!

Hats off to you:)


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