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tishtoshnm Zone 6/NMMarch 26, 2012

I have a bed that I am going to have to re-work. I came upon a mass of bugs concentrated in one area that have done in many of my transplants to that bed, so DH and I will likely sieve out the soil, but it will be too late for all the spring season goodies. So, as I was flipping through the Cook's Garden catalog, I saw they had a soup stock collection whicn included carrots, celery root, leeks and root parsley, all of which I planned to grow this year so I was thinking of combining it all into the soup stock bed. What else might be good there? I had thought of thyme but I do not want perennials in this bed.

What are some other themed growing beds you have done or struck your fancy?

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What about more herbs? Dill is nice and maybe some basil or sage? How about parsnips or a few other root vegetables? Sounds like a fun idea! You could even have a greens/salad bed or a legume border.

I like theme beds, since they're easy to plan and fun to accessorize...especially when the nieces/nephews want to 'help' in the garden. We're trying to add some 'Peter Rabbit' veggies, fruits and accessories to the new make it more fun and a good reason to take the book out and read, in the garden :)

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I like the idea of themed beds. I did a salsa bed with all the peppers I use for salsa, culantro (similar in taste to cilantro), tomatillos and lime basil. I also did an asian mixed greens bed. (Unfortunately, the family really only liked the pak choi).

A "soup stock" bed sounds like a great idea. Add in some mini-cabbages around the edges for a 1 meal-size grab and go. You can just zip around and pick dinner. How about a pizza garden too?

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Escarole might be a good thing to add to your garden. We have a vegetable soup recipe that has you add the escarole for the last five minutes of cooking - it tastes good and adds a lot of color/interest to the soup. And actually, spinach would be another one.

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