Prairie/Meadow landscaping--anyone regret doing it?

gunterMarch 2, 2009


I live in Colorado and am contemplating doing this type of landscaping and wondering whether once it's established is it

still an effort to keep up? What are the pros and the cons of doing it? Anyone give up and just plant regular sod

because it was easier?



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I started planting natives about four years ago and I have no real regrets. I did not seed and have been adding potted plants slowly over the years. I wanted quicker results , but this leads to a bigger weed problem. Any planting requires some maintenance, but the rewards are so much greater with native plants. I can not express the joy and wonderment of seeing bees, wasps, butterflies and birds come to my yard, that I never had with a conventional planting.

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susanswoods(Z6 VA)

No regrets at all. Some things have worked better than others but it has made a huge difference in my yard. Last year was the first year of growth for my meadow and it was alive and buzzing all year with birds and bees. It was magic to see the activity.

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I absolutely love my yard - a half acre which has a prairie/savannah in the front and prairie/savannah/woodland in the back. I do have to do some work to control weeds - it's going into its sixth year, but that has gotten less. My biggest problem is with the Canadian Goldenrod - a weedy, aggressive native. I burn every year and try to get out and zap with Roundup in early spring. There is more work involved than I originally thought, but no more work than keeping up any yard - you have to control weeds. However, the pleasure I get from my yard is incredible. So many butterflies, birds, grasshoppers, bees and all sorts of critters - if you love wildlife, the only way to go is with a native yard. You can check out my Web site at

Here is a link that might be useful: my Web site

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I love my prarie grass. Had to fight to keep it. Hubby wanted to mow it down. Its beneficial to wildlife - we have quail - it attracts pollenators and its so pretty... many wild flowers, and NO weeds!!! And less to mow!!! Its win win!!!

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The only regret I have is not being able to burn it - too close to the town. So it has to be mowed to control trees and such.

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I worked in a native prairie wildflower greenhouse for 10 years and we did alot of projects like this. Once we did a survey asking that very question and we only got one person who said they weren't necessarily disappointed but wished they would have taken more time in preparing the site ahead of time. As with any planting there will be weeding. Usually for the first 2 or 3 years, after that the prairie you plant should be taking over so weeding will be a bare minimum if non at all. But be sure you'll have to weed the first years!!

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No regrets, on the other hand, lower water bills, less mowing, compliments from visitors (especially in the hot summer when the traditional blue grass lawns look tired) enviro friendly & a haven for wildlife...I would love to send you pictures...too new at this & I don't see how.

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