Installing a CA native meadow

Earwig225March 18, 2014


New to the sight and the idea of a no-mow meadow. I would like to do something that is mostly California natives or at least plants that require infrequent watering.
I have an area that is 250 sqft with pop up sprinklers. I was thinking of using Carex pansa or Bouteloua gracilis and mixing that with other plants / wildflowers. I need help to decide what other plants to mix in to make a nice meadow. I have found an overwhelming amount of plants and info but don't really know how to narrow down the lists. I like Monkey flower, but I think it would be to tall for such a small area. Same with Matilija poppys.
I live in Richmond, California where it never gets very hot or cold during the year, outside of a handful of days.
This is going to sorta be my test run. I have another area that is 1000 sqft and if all goes well, try a meadow in that area also.

Thanks for the help!

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trilliumgreen(7 PNW)

Even though my meadow experiment is in Central Washington, I've found "Creating a Native California Meadow" by David Amme a great resource.

As far as wildflowers go, hopefully someone will chime in who has experience in your area. The xerces society has a good pollinator plant lists: You might want start with 3-4 plants with different bloom times.

Good luck!

Here is a link that might be useful: Creating a Native California Meadow

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