Yellowing leaves?

ivysmomJuly 31, 2012

Does this look like a shortage of iron, or too much heat or something else? (the yellowing leaves)

Part of me thinks it may be too much heat or not enough water, as my 3-branch Rhonda was drooped to semi-horizontal last night (and not as firm as normal). I gave her a good drink and moved her off the brick patio onto the grass near our eastern fence (a little less blast of sun throughout the day), but I'm not sure. Nearest the bottom/closest to the camera is the Divine, and behind it is the Rhonda (those are the small guys). The leaves are a little rippled around the edges but not sunburned (no holes or brown spots). We had rain pretty much every day for almost 2 weeks, but the last of that was a week ago. The yellowing showed up the last couple days (as did the droopiness in Rhonda), and I've not watered them since the rains stopped. Soil is not dry.

Btw, Rhonda looked much better this morning -- she had perked back up. I've propped two of her droopy branches up against the side of the big tomato plant containers, though I may try supporting them with some twine (encircling all three branches) like I read elsewhere in this forum.


Btw, the Divine had some STRIKING streaky colors on a cluster of leaves. I'll post that separately... and Rhonda has 3 blooms right next to each other (same inflo) that all look quite different.

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Nothing to worry about in my opinion. I think it is first due to the heavy rains and then they dried out a bit too much. Kind of a one/two punch.

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K's right. The front one looks like high summer leaf drop and sun fade and the one behind it looks like just sun fade.

I know all the growers say to give them full sun all day long if you can, but mine really look much better if they get a break around midday, or dappled sun after 2pm. And they vary widely from plant to plant how much sun they'll tolerate before their leaves fade or burn.

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Thanks! I noticed the larger (presumably more mature) trees weren't exhibiting the same yellowing, so I figured it was just an issue of youthfulness, but I wasn't sure what needed to be regulated :) I'll probably move these guys again so that they are in more shade later in the day. Or put a screened tent up over them for high-noon protection.

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RollinFrogg(8b west TX)

Its seems normal for them to lose old leaves, just a life cycle but I also agree that they can get too much sun, I live in an area that rarely gets cloud cover and found that if I give them some shade they do respond favorably especially young ones

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