Annual grassy weeds. Help!

macfairman(10 N. CA)March 10, 2006

I have a meadow in my front yard with CA native grasses, mostly tufted hairgrass but also purple needlegrass and some CA fescue. I have wildflowers that reseed each year and I collect seed from them as well.

I have had continual problems with Poa annua -- that pale green grass that goes to seed instantaneously and grows very low to the ground.

Next year I'm thinking about putting down corn gluten and just bailing on the wildflowers. They are so beautiful though! The bunch grasses have grown in well enough that even though I can raise many of the wildflowers from seeds (or from Annie's Annuals), it's really hard to plant them as large plants.

If I transplant seedlings that are pretty small, that might work. Would the CGM hurt them once they have a set of true leaves?


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joepyeweed(5b IL)

the CGM is supposed to keep seeds from germinating, so I would think that if you put in seedlings instead of seeds, the flowers should be okay. But I am not real familiar with using CGM. I have read alot about it, but never used it myself. You may want to ask someone on the organic gardening forum. There are probably more people there familiar with CGM.

How old is your native plantings? And how big is your planting?

Usually as the native planting ages and becomes more mature, annuals are less likely to be successful. However I do know that Poa is very hard to get rid of and I have heard alot of people on these forums complain about it. So you are not alone.

On small plantings, like a small yard, I have found that hand removal of weeds is the most effective thing that you can do. Of course its simply not practicle on anything with a bit of size to it....

Good luck with your planting... it sounds lovely.

And we always appreciate pictures :-)

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