Plumeria Newbie help and questions...

puglvr1(9b central FL)July 6, 2014

Hello to all the plumeria experts out there...I have this it today. Its a 'Jungle Jack's mini white' and I decided to repot it to a slightly smaller pot and into 'gritty mix' as well...does the pot look like the right size? Also am I suppose to remove the spent bloom spike...I will attach a picture on the next post...

Here's the pot...its clay appx. 7.5" wide...the pot it came in was black and I live in a very hot climate and I was afraid the roots would bake in we get a lot of rain this time of year and I don't want it to rot...thought Clay might work better than plastic...

How often should I water this...I know it depends on many factors but its in gritty mix...mid 90's very humid till the first week or so of once a week (appx.) too much?

Any advise and help sure is appreciated...Thanks in advance!!

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puglvr1(9b central FL)

Close up of the spent flower stalk...should I snap the whole piece off or let it fall off on its own?

Thanks again,

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if all you did was repot it there is no need to cut the inflo or flower stalk off. Usually just do that on cuttings, Im sure some of the more experienced people will give some helpful hints as well. Congrats on a great looking plant! Sure it will be the first of many!

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Hi there! Well, honestly my initial thought is that it needs a bigger pot but that's just my opinion. It will need room to grow and also a bigger pot will help stabalize the plant a bit from tipping over.

You can leave the stalk on or cut it off but sometimes stalks start to kind of rot on the plant so just watch it if you leave it on & make sure it doesn't get weird. Good luck, you have a great looking plant!

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hi Nancy!!

Looks like you could have gone with a larger container, But it will be fine for awhile... Water it well especially in the gritty. You will probably needs to water daily with your heat. Make sure you acclimate to the sun after its journey from Cali. John usually has then in the greenhouse too, so let it get adjusted .

I would leave the inflo stem.. You never know if it it may produce a few more blooms.. Or seed pods!! ;-) Besides, I like to wait for them to fall by Themselves...Just nudge it every so often, it will fall off on its own when it is ready.

Texas is right, we have to make the decision on cutting inflo only when rooting cuttings. The energy needs to focus on rooting.. But if its growing a inflo and leaves at the same time while rooting, I wait. If I just see inflo only on cutting ( while rooting) I cut to allow focus on roots..

Good luck!! Nice to see you here!!! ;-)


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puglvr1(9b central FL)

Thanks so much for the great advise texas, elucas and laura!!

I will look for a little bigger pot...and repot it today. I certainly don't want it to tip over and snap,lol...

BTW, when I was removing it from the old pot...some of the roots broke you think the plant will suffer due to this? I tried to be careful but it some of the roots got damaged anyways :o(

I actually found this at Lowe's and it had a tag on it from
'Jungle Jack's collection' , Wow, after googling his website he has some amazing Plumeria. I would love to find one of the pink or reds...would you happen to know which is the smallest, most dwarf/compact variety he carries...I love how low and bushy they can grow....Thanks!

Also, does anyone know how much shipping he charges for a one gallon pot size?

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sun_worshiper(FL 9b)

Looks like a great find! Gritty mix works great. I have one in a 15" diameter clay pot. Sit with full exposure to rains and sprinklers, and does great. It doesn't get too waterlogged, and I don't hand water it at all.

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

He is pretty reasonably, Nancy. But if I am having him ship. I buy a couple more to help offset the cost.. Lol. ;-). I figure why can't I get another for about 5 dollars more to ship. He does a great job packaging them up too!!

Divine is one that comes to mine being a small compact with beautiful flowers

Have a great time!!

Most of his tree are compact and are very hardy too. We can't say enough about his trees here. We a
So like fuzzy from Bloomingplumeria on eBay and Matt sells his under onestop aloha Great reputable people. There are others, but this will get you started!!



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puglvr1(9b central FL)

Thanks sun!! Good to know I can leave it outside most of the you bring yours inside or cover it during frost/freeze? How many hours of direct sun does yours get? I was thinking of placing it near my Date Palms that get appx. 5 hours of direct sun and diffused shady/sun the rest of the day... this should be fine I'm guessing?

Laura, thanks for all the info...I really can't get into this plant like I do my Hoyas or I would be in big trouble,lol...I have 2 cuttings I'm trying to root in the same pot, a small one I received as gifts and this one from Lowe's and a friend is suppose to send me a cutting in Dec...the same variety that Sun has ('Jeannie Moragne') that should do me for a while to see if I can grow them,lol...

I repotted this to a larger pot today... Hopefully it can stay here for a year or two (unless I kill it before that,lol..)

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puglvr1(9b central FL)

and here is the one I'm trying to root...originally I started to root them a month ago in 2 separate pots...but when I checked on them the other day no roots plus I thought it felt soft (the trunks) I panicked and re-cut the stem but it looked fine! Now I'm trying to re-root it again **sigh**...I stuck both in the same pot and I'm not watering it...

The pot has several holes on the bottom...I used a see through pot so I can see if any roots form

Am I suppose to water while rooting if so how long should I wait... 2 weeks or should I not water it for a month?? Help!! Lol...

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sun_worshiper(FL 9b)

Hi puglvr. Here's a pic of mine last year - flowers are at about 5'

Underneath the clay pot there are bricks holding it off the ground so that water can freely flow out of the pots drain hole. That, combined with the gritty mix has been fine for not being too wet.

Cold protection - well probably need some, but they are tougher than I initially thought. Since it weighs probably 80lb, no way I can move it for freezes! The spot is fully under the canopy of an oak, which I've found gives about 10 degrees of frost protection, and being right up against the house helps too. This past winter I didn't protect at all, and it did great. The previous year it was small enough I could use a towel as a frost cloth. Of course these past two winters have been mild, so I expect it would take damage in bad winters, even in this sheltered spot.

This spot gets dapples shade until the sun sinks low enough to get under the oaks canopy. It is a west exposure, so full sun from maybe 4pm on. Based on the way it is growing toward the light, I'd say it would like more sun than that. But I don't have a better spot for it. The spot you have sounds like it will work well.

I rooted this one without knowing much about plumerias, so just did what I always do with cuttings - stick them in some soil, put in a shady spot that gets sprinkler water and mostly ignore it. I don't really recall how long it took to root. But I got it in December, so I didn't really expect it to do anything until it got warm. So someone else will have to advise on how long it should take and watering frequency. But just from looking - yours look great. No sign of stress in the leaves.

Now that I'm learning more, I can see that my noid is a large grower. This year it looks pretty gangly, not sure what to do with it. But now that I know that miniatures exist, I think the answer for me might be to trade it for a smaller growing variety. More blooms on a small plant would be wonderful - my favorite thing about them is the fragrance!

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puglvr1(9b central FL)

Thanks so much Sun, you've given me a lot of help and great advise. I really appreciate it...I hope mine does as well for me as yours did...

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Andrew Scott

Hi Nany! Great to have you here! I remember a few years ago telling you that I loved plumeria, and you said that you had some in your neighborhood, but you were not going to get into them. I am so glad you changed your mind!

Several of Jungle Jacks trees are more compact. Dwarf Singapore Pink is a great plumeria! To me, the flowers scent reminds me of a rose. It is an evergreen variety, and it can bloom year round! I love mine. It has over 20 tips on it and it isn't even 3ft tall. It is nice and bushy though.

Elizabeth Thorton lemon drop is a yellow variety that many people love, and it is pretty compact and nicely fragrant. I have a JJ variety called CS3(California Sunset is the parent, and this I believe is a seedling of it.), and it has awesome flowers! I haven't seen mine bloom yet so I don't know what the fragrance is like. I would Google the plumeria so you can see for yourself.

When it comes to rooting, I will pot mine up in a porous mix, water once, and then I won't water until leaves are a few inches long. I like to use the clear plastic drink cups like the ones you get at Starbucks. This way you can see the roots forming, and you wont run the risk of having the cutting rot.

Good luck with your plumeria Nancy! Again, so nice to hear from you!!


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puglvr1(9b central FL)

Hi Andrew!! Thanks, so nice to see you as well!

"you said that you had some in your neighborhood, but you were not going to get into them. I am so glad you changed your mind!"color>

Now, that I'm a little more aware of them, there's actually very few in my area that grow them...I'm guessing the freeze has killed a few of them, since the few I saw were planted in the ground.

You are SO right, I did say that 3 or 4 years ago...then someone gave me a small rooted (dwarf) plant and then a neighbor gave me a couple of cuttings , then a friend said he will send me a cutting of his in the winter...well you get the idea,lol...I really hadn't plan on getting into them **sigh**...I'm NOT positive the unrooted cuttings will root since I have NO idea what I'm doing,lol...

I've read a long post on this forum that water rooting may be the way to go for me? If these don't root...I might go that route and see if that works better for me...

If you ever have a spare small rooted cutting, please think of me :o)

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