Lupine Toxicity

hemnancy(z8 PNW)April 15, 2013

I live on 2 acres next to cow pastures on 2 sides. I am considering buying wildflower seed mixes that contain Lupines, but apparently they all have some toxicity. Would they be likely to invade my neighbors' pastures? Is the toxicity a plus with rabbits in my yard that ate my bean plants last year? Would they discourage the rabbits if I interplanted Lupines with the beans? Another plant I am considering is Tephrosia, another legume with toxicity.

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The OP is probably long gone by now. I'am floored that this question hung around so long without being answered with all the knowledgable people on here. So I'am going to answer just to bump the post on down.

To the OP:
My experience with lupines is that they may self-seed, but are easy to control. Just yank em if they are not welcome. As far as rabbits, dont know. I like lupines as a nitrogen fixer for the soil, & they are good biomass for the compost pile when they peter out.
Hope that helps.

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